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Friday, September 22, 2017


speech by JC Loke, the Head of E-Commerce Department

 Jaya Grocer, owned by Trendcell Sdn. Bhd. expands business network aims to maintain steady growth in 2017.

Paving the way for an amazing online shopping experience in Malaysia, Jaya Grocer Online announced its official launch in an event held at the Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown. Led by a strong and experienced team, the online platform is designed to create a simple and user friendly approach to shopping online whilst retaining the personalized shopping experience. The launch event saw a perfect combination of fun and exciting activities while gaining the attention of attendees of the event with the fresh approach to online shopping. The online portal was launched in the glamours presence of the Jaya Gover's newly appointed ambassador, the MasterChef Celebirty, Chef Dato' Fazley Yaakob.

Speaking about the launch and sharing insights on, JC Loke, the Head of E-Commerce Department said, "Shopping grocery online is not something new in the market. Every day, we face the challenge for customer's expectation and user experience on our online portal. I believe, by keep improving these two factors, we will able to create bigger market acceptance and exposure. There are many exciting programs on the platform, just stay tuned from time to time".
Speech by Jaya Grocer brand ambassador, the MasterChef Celebirty, Chef Dato' Fazley Yaakob

  The online portal is easy to use and purposely tailored to accommodate customer's hectic lifestyle by allow them to order online via the home computer or office at or while on-the-go via the mobile apps, available in both iOS and Google Playstore.

Jaya Grocer Online also promises the same day delivery fee at RM9, with free deliveries for purchase above a certain amount.

 The online portals offers a wide range of products such as fresh meats, fruits and vegetables, food essentials, bakery, household appliances, pet care and much more. Jaya Grocer Online also carries fresh and seasonal food products from America, Europe and Australia. There is also a range of organic, gluten-food for the health conscious customers.

 Currently, residents in Klang Valley including Kuala Lumpur, Subang, Damansara, Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam are able to use the service. Soon, the service will expand its delivery network to Cyberjaya, Putrajaya and other areas.
To celebrate the news, Jaya Grocer Online will offer free delivery for the purchase above RM150 during the whole month of September while the First-time users will automatically get one-time free delivery upon signing up.

Let's not read here, if you have a busy lifestyle, you can now shop online from office or home for groceries and others by shopping online using the Jaya Grocer Online.
Thank you Jaya Grocer for inviting me to the Jaya Grocer Online launched event. I have busy mom lifestyle and I can now use this Jaya Grocer Online to shop from home.


  1. A lot of choices at Jaya Groceries... but seldom go there cos always prefer to go to the mearest store which is off course near to home haha

    1. if you are in Klang valley can use the app to shop online for Jaya Grocer groceries.

  2. Sis suka beli barang2 di Jaya Grocer. Walau mahal tapi kualiti terbaik

  3. ok nak sesak kat jem satu hal pastu nak cari parking satu hal rasa memang akan guna system online ni jer lah thanks share....

  4. Zaman sekarang memang senang shop online. Jimat masa dan bolehlah mengelak dari mengadap jem jalan raya dan memudahkan jika beli barang dengan banyak.

    1. yeah now have got free delivery for new 1st time sign up. It's easy to shop online and wait for them to deliver from Jaya Grocer in Klang Valley.


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