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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Goodbye Dullness & Hello Radiance! Nutox skincare

Good day to all my reader and blog visitors. I hope you have a well spend last weekend. I am glad that I am able to see Nur Fazura at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. The Saturday as a bit headache for me, I was coming from The Canvas and waze brought me three times same place back to Canvas at Damansara. I didn't know Damansara well and have hard time know New Wing and Old Wing of 1 Utama Shopping Centre. I wanted to park at basement of 1 Utama but it was close in the afternoon due to full parking. Rounding for about 25 minutes to find parking in the afternoon, yeah almost given up to go the mall but I keep trying and be patience.

The weekend has the roadshow of Nutox skincare and there's wide range to choose from. Shoppers can try the products on spot there's friendly staff that able to assist and tell shopper on which product range which are suitable for them.

I believe any woman want to have their ultimate goal of having "youthful, flawless radiance".

Consumer research reveals Malaysian women aspire to achieve natural beauty, which can be defined as having skin that is radiant and fresh; and it's not just Malaysia! From Korea to Japan to China, Asian women are always on the search for methods to get that exclusive 'glow' without resorting to makeup products.

Dullness skin is most common skin concerns face by Asian women. But, did you know that that it's also one of the first signs of ageing? When we age, symptoms like dullness, wrinkles and loss of elasticity start to show on our complexion, caused by the decrease in skin's natural renewal abilities. As a result, it's crucial to help our skin renew itself , gently yet effectively.

Ideally, our skin's natural renewal cycle occurs every 28 days. Towards the end of the cycle, old or dead skin cells are sloughed off and replaced with new skin cells. What your skin needs are new few core products that continue to work seamlessly with all your's phases throughout its renewal cycle, while helping to boost its ability to renew itself. Above all, the process should be gentle yet effective.

Don't forget to check out the latest Renewing Treatment skincare range by Nutox. The skincare features a proprietary technology known as LumiNes, which combines two key ingredients -
Lumiskin and Actistem Gold Nest - for a lit-from-within glow that all women yearn for. LumiNes activates sleeping skin stem cells and improves skin texture, giving you naturally-radiant skin with regular use.

The Renewing Treatment range consists of 3 products:
Renewing Treatment Lotion 150ml,
Renewing Treatment Essence 30ml,
Renewing Treatment Cream 30ml.
Renewing Treatment Cream 30ml
 Easy to use just a pea-sized amount into skin using circular upward motions until fully-absorbed.
Renewing Treatment Essence 30ml

Easy to use just distribute 2 to 3 pumps between fingertips and smooth onto face and neck using upwards movements. Picture above I put on palm because usually I pump on my palm instead of fingertips, so now I need to practice on using the product by pump between fingertips.

This skincare range delivers three benefits through its unique three-pronged approach:
Renew, Restore, Radiate.

Nur Fazura, Nutox ambassador and Malaysian actress, expressed the importance of protecting her skin from external aggressions. She's always on the move, outdoors on locations for shoots, wearing layered of makeup underneath the hot sun. Because of stress and lack of rest, her skin gets dull and looks tired easily. She fell in love with Nutox Renewing Treatment skincare instantly as she started using it, she needs less makeup especially during her off days. The Renewing Treatment lotion helps to get rid of any leftover makeup and grime from the day's work, and makes her skin smooth and soft. Sharing at the event, she says her favorite product is the Renewing Treatment Essence, which protects her skin from dullness.

Yeah I am starting to use this range too as I am in late 30s now and always on the go as mom of two boys.

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