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Thursday, November 16, 2017

November blues

Beautiful sunset at Amverton Cove Gold Island Resort
It's November and it's Thursday, evening and raining here. Just sharing with you last month we went for a short vacation at Amverton Cove Golf Island Resort. Feel free to read the post, as you can find not just kids activities there. There's other activities for adults and also for golfers, do visit their Facebook to find out.

Today supposed to be a media trip that I can follow to go for Lost World of Tambun but not able to make it as it's an important day today to meet with teachers on son's education. Not just today the last media invitation also been rejected as it clashed with children's report card day. Last media invitation was to Legoland Malaysia.

The 28 October Friday, was an unlucky day for me, I have got a car accident. The 4 wheels truck hit the Toyota Vios and Toyota Vios hits my car. I was on the way to fetch my youngest son from kindergarten. I didn't make it to fetch him, I called sister-in-law about this and lucky that niece was at home she can help to fetch my son. My parents in law were here too, it's also the day they went back to hometown together with niece. At the moments, my car is not repair yet, the police report is RM34 and it showed that the driver's fault is the 4 wheels truck.

Next year gonna be a busy year for me and the kids as son will be Standard Six and youngest son is Standard One in Primary School. Besides busy he is busy tuition at school, he is also tuition outside. Got to balance the life of education having entertainment and also exercise for healthy living. No doubt I got to spend time for myself too, got to see how and make arrangement for it, perhaps pampering time, etc. I didn't have a transporter for my children as it is calculate by per person the payment for a way, both ways will be different payment and not yet include the outside tuition location to send. Now you know why there's a lot of calculation to do.

Few years back I followed the media trip as my dear's working nearer to home and able to fetch sons. But he's further away now and unable to help me to fetch them if I go, there's rider available now which I can pay if there's places I need to go. But then I need to consider about the children first like there's tuition or not and the time is suitable or not. There's lot to consider as a mom, not just parenting but also lifestyle of children.

By the way, anyone has got a good car workshop in Subang Jaya to recommend? 


  1. Hope you have better for the rest of the month.

    Sure troublesome when car sent to workshop. I am also busy too next year when my eldest in Primary 6. And more tuition for my second child as he wasnt doing well in his recent exam.

    Holiday is coming soon. Happy holiday.

    1. yeah holiday is coming soon, happy holiday to you too. Yeah if send car to workshop, then I have no car to use. Yeah we are busy mama :D


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