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Thursday, November 30, 2017

UYA Asia's Grand Launch in Malaysia

UYA Asia, Asia’s first ever Entertainment Market Hub, is launched today in a glitzy do at the spanking new Sheraton Hotel located at Petaling Jaya. Over 300 guests attended the launch that was filled with spectacular performance and an immersive experience as to what UYA Asia has to offer. There were lines of booth set up inside the grand ballroom itself with major brands displaying their products and services for guests to use and experience. Thank you to UYA Asia for inviting me to the grand launch.
Philip Chow, the Founder & CEO of UYA Asia giving his speech

“UYA Asia offers more than just an online shopping experience,” says Philip Chow, the Founder &
CEO of UYA Asia. “We are dubbed as Asia’s first Entertainment Market Hub because our online
platform also offers a range of entertainment for free including short movie clips, games, mingling
with ambassadors and even an area for our customers to win attractive prizes!” Philip adds.

UYA Asia offers both the customers and merchants a simple and easy procedure for them to be
part of the online platform. While UYA strives to provide a platform that caters to people from all walks of life, the team behind this online platform ensures that businesses that would want to take up a space on their site will need to go through a stringent quality check before going live.
Philip Chow, the Founder & CEO of UYA Asia with influencers during the Grand Launch 

“At UYA Asia, we are extremely diligent in ensuring that the merchants that sign up at our site are
of quality. This will ensure that both the customers and business owners can enjoy a seamless
online shopping experience at UYA Asia,” says Philip.

In addition, customers can read or watch reviews of the products they intend to purchase at UYA
Asia. A pool of influencers and bloggers will be engaged to do reviews so that customers can
make informed decisions before purchasing any product or services through UYA Asia.

During the launch, Philip highlights that UYA Asia is placing customer service as the pinnacle of
its service. While other major players in the market offers personalised customer service to large
account holders, UYA Asia has recruited a large team to service every single business account
holder with UYA Asia.

UYA Asia is an emerging player in the e-commerce industry led by a team of individuals who are
experts in the marketing industry. In UYA Asia, we create a unified online business hub where we
provide a business platform for anyone, anywhere. You can visit the for more information.

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