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Monday, February 13, 2017

Advantaged of Private Mailboxes

There are many advantages to using a private mailbox instead of a P.O Box when you need an NYC mail forwarding service. People choose to get a private mailbox since they need an address to conduct business from. The most part, private mailboxes are often used for home businesses, thought more and more people opt to use them for privacy reasons too.

A great advantage of having a private mailbox is that you don't have to sit at home all day and wait for a package to arrive. This means there's no chance that your valuable package will be left on the doorstep unguarded. A private mailbox allows you to receive packages from any carrier, and you can pick it up when you're ready.

A very good private mailbox company will also provide email notifications, and also sign for your shipments for you. You can be notified either by SMS or email that your package has arrived. Say goodbye to unnecessary trips to the post office!

If you own a small business, private mailboxes are a great thing to have. When you have one, you can handle business orders with ease. The private mailbox service will make sure that your package is handled with care so that it isn't damaged in the transit process.

Advantages of Private Mailboxes
If you're a business owner, you only need to provide customers with your business address. This is ideal since you wouldn't have to provide anyone with your home address in order to operate.

Also, since you have 24-hour access to your private mailbox, you can pick up your mail and packages at any time of day or night. P.O Boxes at the post office tend to close when the post office does. The convenience makes it a lot less stressful to be a business owner or busy professional.

Private mailbox services can also offer other services like mail forwarding and mail holding. Your packages can be forwarded to a secure location indicated by the customer, or kept somewhere secure until you're ready to pick them up.

All in all, private mailboxes offer reliability, privacy, security, and additional mail services to make your life easier. You can also have an actual street address instead of just a P.O Box. This makes private mailboxes a great choice for business owners.

BAD LAB launches the 'Fight Ready' hair styling event

BAD LAB, the complete personal care range man-gineered for the unconventional man are pleased to announce the release of the all-new Pomeda & Hair cream.

As the official personal care brand sponsor of ONE Championship: Throne of Tigers for the 2nd year in a row, BAD LAB launches the 'Fight Ready' hair styling at event in conjunction with the ONE Championship athletes. The event was held on February 9 from 2pm to 4pm at Watsons Store, Sunway Pyramid.

The 'Fight Ready' event gives the fans a unique opportunity to show their support for their local fighters and have some fun experiencing BAD LAB's new products alongside top-ranked ONE Championship superstars, such as the popular Malaysian female fighter Ann Osman, and the up-and-coming brother duo Keanu and Gianni Subba.

ONE Championship is set to hold two events in Malaysia's capital city this year, with the first event of 2017 being held at Stadium Negara on the 10 February, headlined as Throne of Tigers.

BAD LAB Digital Brand Executive Nick Smerling says, "Given the special and unique attributes of our products along with the exciting association with the fighters, the fans are in for a treat. With the unique position of being an International Brand made in Malaysia, BAD LAB is proud to be extend its popular hair range with the release of Pomade and Hair Cream. We hope local fans of MMA will take this chance to connect with their heroes and have a very unique, fun and interesting experience."

Lum Chong Heng, BAD LAB's Commerical Director adds, "Engaging with our consumers and fans of MMA, both our hair styling products targeted at men seeking convenience for active lifestyles, embodies the unconventional branding of BAD LAB, which is an edgy, adventurous, brave, fun, inspirational and cool attitude brand."

Sports Media Property, ONE Championship, will be showcasing two major fighters in the lightweight division, namely Ev "E.T". Ting from Malaysia and Kamal "Prince of Persia" Shalorus from Iran in its main bout. Another headlined fight features the return of Ann Osman as she looks to defend home court against a tough opponent in the Cambodian prospect, Vy Srey Khouch. Throne of Tigers is scheduled to be held at Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur on February 10th.
The 'Fight Ready' styling session by the athletes at Sunway Pyramid will be judged by representatives from BAD LAB, Watsons, and ONE Championship's Vice-President and former three-time UFC Champion Rich Franklin, followed by a prize presentation.

BAD LAB will be launching two hair care products as part of the event; a Water-Based Pomade and a Water-Based Hair Cream. Following the popularity of BAD LAB's Hair Clay and Gel, demand for an extended Hair Styling range was only a matter of time.

"It's a super-slick, super-glossy finish is just the thing lock down a quiff, pompadour or ducktail." Supersonick is a lightweight Water-Based Pomade that contains BAD LAB's signature ingredient, FluidiPure 8G. The Dynamo is a heavier Water-Based Hair Cream that was created for men with frizzy or dry hair, and to lock down those loose ends. "Now go stalk your prey like the smooth, slick predator that you truly are" is Dynamo's underlying message to its users.

Following the BAD LAB mandate, these two releases feature animal chosen to make the same bold statement to its fans and users of the BAD LAB range does. The Eagle, king of the sky, embodies the Pomede's slick and cool attitude that runs deep in BAD LAB's DNA while the Panther, the ultimate predator, was chosen to reflect the smooth nature of what a user of the Dynamo Hair Cream would feel.

For more information about the BADLAB, you can find on BAD LAB's Facebook Page. 

The 'Fight Ready' styling session by the athletes with winners


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