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Thursday, April 6, 2017

DEWS Aqua Boost treatment @Kota Damansara

 Recently I visited the DEWS Signature Boutique for the signature skincare DEWS AQUA Boost treatment. It is a good 2 and half hours treatment for me, besides extraction of blackheads and whiteheads. I learn more about taking care of skin too. I also know that I have dry and sensitive skin, I always though I have only combination skin. I was advice to use moisturizer more often. Two machines being used for this skincare treatment.

Do you know that 64% of our skin structure alone contains of water?
Just like an apple that dries up, skin that is deprived of its sources of hydration will lose its shine with the passage of time. However, water absorption in skin can significantly reduce due to resistance, such as dead skin cells and clogged substances. It's important to remove (exfoliate) these barrier for better hydration and stimulating new cell regeneration. 

We can find this at DEWS they have the DEWS Aqua Boost Solution:
A perfect combination of Natural Peel and Aqua Oxygen treatments to:
  • Exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Improve moisture retention capacity
  • Highly restoring skin elasticity boosting collagen production
  • Normalize irritated & stressed skin, sebum production and acne prevention.
  • Penetrate deep into the skin's surface to speed up the cell renewal process.
detox cream from white turn grey on my face.
My beautician for the day is girl from Perak, her named is Mikie. The white cream is the detox cream for face, applying it and using the tool can help to know of my skin. She used the cotton pads to wipe away the cream which is already turn grey on my face. Grey color shown of how much detox is my skin is, don't be surprise they are people black color result. 

The treatment I went on Monday and I was told I can only go back after two weeks and in a week I cannot use any skin care scrub for my face. I can feel the difference on the same day and my skin feeling supple all day long. 
I have experienced some pain during the extractions of my stubborn blackheads. The beautician done a wonderful job as she ask if she can proceed or not, whether I can take the pain or not. There's one particular blackhead on my right cheek that is stubborn and didn't want to come out but after a day, eventually I can just pop the blackhead out.

The business hours are Monday to Sunday from 10am to 7pm. 
For more information visit Facebook DEWS or booking treatment can call 03-61431889

with my beautician named Mikie

There is a few treatments to choose from, it's suitable for man and woman. 
 DEWS is a home grown Aesthetic Spa brand that is supported by distinctive aesthetic docfors from Klinik De Era, and a dedicated team of qualify beauty and wellness professionals. 
You can approach them if you have interest to know more about beauty, lifestyle and well-being. 
Their mission is to deliver wellness, aesthetic treatments to their clients with utmost safety and highest ethical value with special attention to individual's needs.


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