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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Review: URIAGE Eau Thermal Micellar Water Skincare

With Internet access, we can easily access to online social media and online shopping website namely the HiShop Malaysia. It's an online website for you to find beauty, skincare and health products, the website is easy to browse and shop online.  Everyone has got different skin types, you can check with them if the product is suitable for you to use or not.

The URIAGE Eau Thermal Micellar Water Skincare products, do you know that URIAGE THERMAL WATER is water for the skin? It's because it acts in perfect osmosis with your skin. Because Uriage Thermal Water is soothing, hydrating and one of the most active of its kind, the Uriage Dermatological Laboratories combined it with the effectiveness of highly cleansing micelles. The non-ionic surfactants in micelles act like magnets that effectively trap make-up and impurities.

You can check out the video above of me using the URIAGE Eau Thermal Micellar Water for makeup remover. Removing makeup and cleansing skin are essential because to any skincare routine. Pollution, make-up and sebum accumulate, making our skin dull and lacklustre.
before and after of using the URIAGE Eau Thermal Micellar Water

How to use? Soak a cotton with Thermal Micellar Water and gently wipe it delicately over the face, eyes and neck to remove-makeup and cleanse quickly with no rinsing.

To keep your skin looking radiant and comfortable, Uriage Dermatological Laboratories treat your skin to innovative URIAGE Thermal Micellar Water to remove-makeup and cleanse face and eyes adapted to all skin types.
At Heart of The Formulas:
Trap - make up,
Cleanse the skin
REINFORCES the cutaneous barrier
HYDRATES intesely
PROTECTS the skin
SOOTHES sensations of tightness
I like the No-Rinsing URIAGE Thermal Micellar Water to remove make-up and cleanse face and eyes.

The Thermal Micellar Water has three range to choose from:
Thermal Micellar Water - Combination to Oily Skin
Thermal Micellar Water PNS -   Normal to Dry Skin
Thermal Micellar Water PSR - Skin prone to Redness 

My skin has prone to redness especially near my lips area from time to time. So I decided to choose the one that is suitable for me to use.The bottle is 100ml and I used 3 cotton pads on my face and eyes and lips area as you can see in Youtube. The product is does not irritate my skin and I didn't feel uncomfortable after using it. It doesn't sting my skin.
URAIGE Ceme Lavante (50ml) cleansing creme for face

Just squeeze the adequate amount to use and lather on wet face. I like it, it has a nice scent and cleanse deeply to my skin.I find that squeeze small amount will be enough to use.
URIAGE Thermal Water
Spray URIAGE Thermal Water over the face and leave it to act.
Simply let it dry so that it provides all its benefits and its minerals to skin.
There's no need to pay dry, after using this then finish by applying daily skincare products.

Thanks for reading my review

URIAGE Eau Thermal Micellar Water Skincare, you can find this at HiShop Malaysia
For more information of the product, you can visit:

Website HiShop Malaysia
Instagram: @hishopmy


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