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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Shopping for baby shower gift and baby formula in Malaysia

Being a parent isn’t easy. These days, I find myself busy with my #momlife duties – picking up my children and dropping them off again, factoring in tuition schedules and extracurricular activities, and finishing up the endless house chores; sometimes, it feels like the cycle will never end!

Anyway – speaking of parenting, many of my friends are pregnant, or preparing to join the Parenthood Club. They spend valuable time looking for baby products and others. With the rise of the Internet, many of these products are at our fingertips, helping us save time, and making things things so much easier… or is this really the case?

While we’ve got all these options, it can also be difficult to figure out which products are best suited for us and our families, as everyone has different wants and needs. However, there are websites that review these products for you, and give you an idea of which ones are appropriate. Upon browsing these websites, you’ll get an idea of what’s gotten good reviews lately, which products are trendy, and what Malaysian consumers currently love.

One such website – praised for its well-researched reviews of parenting products, gadgets, must-have tech stuff, and fashion guides – is ProductNation. At ProductNation, products are thoroughly researched, categorized, and listed to simplify your shopping process. Most of the products on the website are readily-available in Malaysia, so that shipping doesn’t take forever, which is generally what happens when you purchase items from retail websites based overseas.

There’s everything on the website, with reviews of items from the latest limited-edition pair of Nike sneakers, to baby formulas in Malaysia. With so many different baby formula brands available, things can get confusing, so it’s useful to have it narrowed down and easily-accessible. Instead of having to spend hours researching the different types of baby formula, and their availability, new parents are able to pick from this vast selection!

The other articles are informative, too. While I’m a mother, I don’t just look into parenting products as my interests include fashion and gadgets. In their articles, ProductNation lists products for every budget and from every price range. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to afford a new smartphone, even if you’ve paid for your child’s first semester at university – and ProductNation will help you decide which one works best for you!

Even though it’s not solely geared towards parents, I know that I’ve found it useful – especially when looking for gift ideas for baby showers in Malaysia (a previously unheard-of phenomenon!). ProductNation has a list of seven fantastic baby shower gifts that will please even the pickiest of first-time parents.

Take some time and have a look at the ProductNation website. Since it’s helped me, I wanted to tell you all about it. Who knows; it might very well become your latest lifesaver, in terms of buying essential products, taking part in fantastic deals (and saving money!), and keeping up with what’s currently hot and available on the Malaysian market!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Helpful Tips for Moving Long Distances

Most people would agree that it is a lot easier to move from just one side of the city to the other. If you forget something, all you have to do is turn around. You can clean the new house, move everything in, and then go back and clean the other house. Long-distance moving can be a little bit more challenging. The following tips can help.

Many have found that hiring professionals is definitely the way to go when it comes to moving from one state to another or across the country. If a person lives on the East Coast, they could hire long distance movers NJ to help them move to the West Coast. When this happens, the movers are going to do the bulk of the work. They will be the ones responsible for making sure that your possessions are packed, well taken care of, moved, and then unpacked. They carry insurance, so if something happens along the way, you do not have to worry.

Organization is key when it comes to moving to a different city. You want to plan ahead so that you can stay organized during the entire process. It is a good idea to make to do list and to mark boxes so that you know what is inside. Take some time to think about the best plan as far as how to pack, when to get a moving truck, when to start the journey, and other the decisions that need to be made. If you look at the pros and cons of each option, you are setting yourself up for the best move possible.

If you have children, you want to pay special attention to their needs to as the move is going on. There are a lot of things that you can do to reassure your children so that they are happy and excited as the move progresses. Parents do not need the stress of unhappy or stressed-out children in addition to the stress that usually accompanies a move. If parents assure their children and plan ahead, they can make sure that their children are confident.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

AirAsia Flights, Why Them?

travel with my kids and have a good time together
Good day, readers of mine! How are you doing? How is your day? How is work? How is school? 
How is everything in your life? Hope everyone is doing well and if you’re having a crappy day at work or 
school, just know that at the end of the day, when you get home, you leave all of it back in its rightful 
place;  the office and the school. Life is so much more than that, so don’t beat yourself up over it.

Okay, life philosophy is done for the day, let’s talk travel. Who likes travelling? I know I do, otherwise,
 I would not be interested in writing this entry. Although, in today’s entry I’m not going to write about all 
those cool places out there, I’m here to talk about the bird we’re using to get there. A little backstory on 
AirAsia. It was founded back in 1993 and commenced its operations on 1996. The big man running this 
industry is Tony Fernandes, which is very well-known, right? Especially after his book released just 
recently. So, fast forward to present day, AirAsia have various awards around its belt including World’s 
Best Low Cost  Airline by Skytrax. In short, if Skytrax acknowledge you, then you’re the boss.

Its business has been growing steadily and now practically available in every OTAs you can find including 
Traveloka. One thing I can say about this particular OTA is they offered a lot of promotions, not just on 
flights, man but hotel as well! I’m surprise myself! Okay, back to the topic. So, being available in every 
OTAs out there is not the only reason why if you are looking to buy flight ticket, you turn to AirAsia, 
there are other reasons as well which we will cover below. 
So, let’s see why people try to find AirAsia flights, shall we?

Cheap is the New Magic Word

The people in Skytrax didn’t give AirAsia the title for World’s Best Low-Cost Airline just for kicks. 
AirAsia really does provide the best price in the house. When I said the best price, I mean cheap prices. 
You can get flight ticket as low as you can imagine when it is the promotional season. AirAsia has this 
motto “Now Everyone Can Fly” that fits the nature of their aviation industry perfectly.

Southeast Asia Globetrotter

There are more than 400 routes prepared with the majority of it centralizes across Southeast Asia. 
They have routes to Europe but they are very scarce compared to those around Southeast Asia. 
I think this is why AirAsia is widely popular because considering there are so many routes in Southeast 
Asia you can choose from, it’s practically there if you need it. It’s all the convenience you need to travel 
with ease because you know for a fact there will be a route for you.

Good Service Comes Easy

I gotta be honest, services are on the top list of what really influence the progress of our travel experience. 
Do you agree? If one experience crappy service with the airline at the early on, then, you can presume the 
kickstart to your travel agenda is pretty much screwed. Everyone deserves a good service, right? It’s no 
denying that every airline out there is throwing their guts in order to provide excellent service. 
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but regardless, the strive for perfection is nonstop. AirAsia is 
no exception. They have been through quite a tough break before finally getting to that stage of having 
really good services to provide for their flyers. Kudos to them.

To me, one of the plus one in the service department is the pre-arranged seating where you get to choose 
your own seating arrangements to your liking. I don’t know about you but finding the best seat is like 
HAVEN! Other services they have is like the in-flight comfort kit, low fare finder, self-check-in where you 
can do it through the web, kiosk or mobile.

Congrats if you made it until the end of the entry! I’m sure there is more that can be added but I’m 
sticking with three reasons for it. If you have anything you want to share, you can freely do so in the 
comment. Let’s have a discussion on this, it’ll be fun! Anyways, gotta go! 
You guys have a great day ahead and enjoy your long holiday!

Shopping for baby shower gift and baby formula in Malaysia

Being a parent isn’t easy. These days, I find myself busy with my #momlife duties – picking up my children and dropping them off again, f...