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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Seeing the World with Tiny Tots in Tow

There are few countries where traveling with children can prove to be an enjoyable and memorable trip, and Vietnam is one of them 

Traveling with young children may not be easy, but it certainly does not have to be intimidating. One of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has no shortage of sights and activities that will entertain even the most discerning of travellers, including the young ones.

Apart from the vibrant cities of Ho Chi Minh (south) and Hanoi (north), which are great starting points for any Vietnamese family adventure, there are several other destinations that could make your holiday an extremely memorable one.

Families can head to one of Vietnam’s beach resorts in Hoi An or Danang, which have plenty to offer in terms of beautiful beaches, fabulous restaurants and lots of fun activities for children. Some of the best beach resorts in the country are located in Danang, although the Cua Dai beach close to Hoi An is also a popular vacation spot. There are also plenty of other beaches in Vietnam’s central and south coasts worth exploring.

Hoi An also offers some unique sightseeing opportunities. Centuries-old Buddhist pagodas, temples, quaint museums and colonial shophouses line the streets of this ancient town. One of
the best ways for you to soak in the rich culture and heritage as a family is by cycling through the streets of Hoi An.

For the more adventurous families, there are spectacular mountains and jungle treks from the peaceful hill station of Dalat in the south, to the beguiling valley of Sa Pa in the northern highlands. The mountainous countryside of Sa Pa – close to the border with Yunan province in China – offers charming trekking trails for some amazing hikes; rice terraces and waterfalls; and is home to several ethnic minority tribes.
Cap off the Vietnamese holiday in the modern and bustling metropolitan of Ho Chi Minh City. Among the not-to-be-missed attractions is the Suoi Tien Cultural Amusement Park in District 1. The Buddhist-themed attraction is fitted with colourful statues of mythical creatures as well as edifices and shrines of Buddha amidst waterslides, rollercoaster rides, a 4D theatre and aquarium!
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Of course, as in any foreign city, a sampling of local street food and visit to the local markets are a must. Kids generally enjoy Vietnamese cuisine as they are flavourful and rarely spicy. From a warm bowl of traditional Vietnamese pho (noodle soup) and banh mi (Vietnamese sandwish) to steamed Banh bao (steamed pork buns) and Banh Xeo (Vietnamese crepe), there are plenty of kid-friendly foods in Vietnam.

Browse along the family-run shops and stalls lining the sidewalks of the city, for a truly authentic experience. Alternatively, visiting the Ben Thanh Market will also give you a taste of the energy and flavor of Ho Chi Minh to complete your memorable holiday experience.

With the school holidays coming up in June and August, planning your next family holiday is now made easier as Vietjet, the fast-growing Vietnamese airline, is currently offering irresistible promotions on its domestic and international network as part of its summer 2018 promotion.

From 9 – 11 May 2018, two million promotional tickets from as low as USD0 will be up for grabs during the golden window of 1pm to 3pm daily. The promotion is applicable on Vietjet’s domestic and international routes to South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia within the travel period of 20 August to 31 December 2018 (excluding national holidays).

The promotional air tickets are available for booking at
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  1. vietnam.. my favorite place to go and food to eat. even my sister in law is from Vietnam too...lolz.. ya.. my niece and nephew never get bored there as there are so many places can go for a family. well.. it is not easy but it worth a penny cos memories is everything!!

  2. I've learnt that Vietnam is a very interesting destinations with a lot of culture and natural-based attractions. How I wish to visit it someday and experience it for myself! Good to know Vietjet is having a promotion on their air ticket! Gonna check it out now! Woohoo!

  3. Tak pernah ke Vietnam. Pernah pergi Thailand ajer. Boleh masuk dalam wish list tempat travel. Boleh berpeluang belajar budaya baru rakyat Vietnam kalau berpeluang ke sana.

  4. Wah the food looks good and the view so nice for photo.never been to vietnam begore but really want to go someday.

  5. wah! good to know about vietjet. as the one whom necer been to Vietnam i found that this will helps me find a tips when i go to Vietnam soon. definitely i will choose vietjet as my flight

  6. Nina belum pernah pegi Vietnam. Selalu dok tengok kengkawan pegi bercuti shopping kat sana. Tak sangka kat sana adanya tempat holiday tuk family juga. Cantik!

  7. Yesss! Rindunya vietnam. Oernah pergi Ho Chi Minh dan memang banyak belajar benda kat sana. Cuma yg onie teringin nak oergi, Hanoi tu. So far sebelum ni pernah dengar pasal vietjet tu. Nnt la kalau ke vietnan onie nak try naik vietjet tu.

  8. Vietnam has been in my wish list to visit for as long as i can remember. Hopefully one day i will be able to visit Vietnam. Such a beautiful country that rich with cultures and foods. The best thing is the textiles industry. Hihi

    Got promotion on vietjet ? Okay, i need to start saving

  9. I so love Vietnam, been there more than 3 times but yet to go to Hoi An. The place looks lovely. And the food my gosh, how I miss the food there

  10. Never been to vietnam before. But at least u story about the other side.about vietnam exclude shopping.. and vietjet actually the cheaper airline provide to travel to vietnam

  11. Danang is in my wishlist for mt next vacation...
    I love to see their beach someday and experience it myself

  12. I went to HCM twice, but never go to Hanoi. I think i should plan my trip to Hanoi. Vietnam is one of the country which rich with history, and cultures


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