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Sunday, September 2, 2018

BOH launches NegaraUmmph TV

photo credit to Facebook: BOH Tea
Happy Monday to everyone, time fly it's 3rd September today. What you on Malaysia's 61st National Day?

In conjunction with Malaysia's 61st National Day, BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd (BOH) has launched their online TV channel called NegaraUmmph TV, a nationwide movement that aims to bring together Malaysians from all works of life to sing their hearts out for Malaysia.

The 24-hour e-channel which will go live at 12.00am on National Day aims to showcase Malaysians singing the national anthem 'Negaraku' in happier and more prideful ways.

NegaraUmmph TV was borned to uplift the spirit of togetherness, putting aside each other's differences to celebrate the sense of belonging to this nation. This is why this National Day, BOH is calling all Malaysians together to unleash that thumping 'Ummph!'.

Malaysians who took part in the movement visited the website to submit their own version of the national anthem 'Negaraku'. Don't just read here if you missed out to view the NegaraUmmph TV, you can still visit their website to view the participants of


  1. We took a road trip to Sibu on National Day. Happy National Day to you!!

  2. BOH tea is my favourite.. and i never know that they launched tv channel NegaraUmmph TV.. must shiw to my kids and let them know and appreciate our country


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