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Sunday, January 7, 2018

‘Meet & Greet Session’ Sarimah Ibrahim, the ambassador of DYNAMO Powder

Happy New Year to dear readers and visitors, it's second week of January. Yesterday, I went to MYDIN USJ Mall to ‘Meet & Greet Session’ with Sarimah Ibrahim, the ambassador of DYNAMO Powder, a new product from P&G. Indeed a day well spend for Sunday, many shoppers has queue up before 12.30pm as they have going to meet and greet session with Sarimah Ibrahim, the ambassador of DYNAMO Powder.

happy shoppers with Sarimah Ibrahim, photo credit to MYDIN Malaysia's Facebook
It's the day where lucky 60 shoppers that get the chance to meet and greet, everyone is queue in line to have their photo taken with the ambassador. Indeed a good deal for shoppers as a housewife I know that we cannot escape the daily chores of washing clothes. The three days shopping 5 Jan to 7 Jan 2018, these 3 days, shoppers who have purchase RM30 in a single receipt of Dynamo products get the chance to meet and greet with Sarimah Ibrahim as well as bring home a luggage with goodie of Dynamo inside the luggage. 

happy shoppers that have purchased the Dynamo products with their luggage
 You can follow the updates of MYDIN Malaysia on Facebook:

VIPS with Sarimah Ibrahim, the ambassador of DYNAMO Powder
Chinese New Year soon, I can't wait to go MYDIN for shopping for groceries and stationery products. There's still time to shop for new year if you haven't.

My children are now studying Standard One and Six, yeah both will need stationery for their study. I shopped for Sean too for his school bags and stationery, now his little brother is same school as him. 
wefie time with Sarimah Ibrahim, photo credit to MYDIN Malaysia's Facebook
Thank you MYDIN Malaysia for inviting me, it's my first event to attend for year 2018.

Protecting the Cleanliness and Safety of Your House

All of your hard work to keep your house sanitary and safe can be easily undone with an out-of-control pest infestation.  Once pests like cockroaches, spiders, and ants overtake your house, it is only a matter of time before they make the premises dirty and dangerous.

Further, many of the grocery store sprays, powders, and traps do little to kill infestations at the source.  When you hire a professional service for lawn pest control Orlando FL homeowners like you take the first step in killing the source of the problem and keeping pests out of your home for good.

Stopping Them at the Source
An infestation rarely starts on the inside of the home.  It usually originates outdoors in the yard somewhere.  Insects like roaches and spiders live naturally outside in the grass and trees.  However, they come inside homes to look for food, shelter, and a place to reproduce.  Once they are inside, they typically stay indoors because they have a constant source of food, warmth, and protection.

It is crucial that you treat the source of the infestation if you want to keep pests out of your home for good.  However, you may not know how to treat the grass, trees, shrubs, foundation, and other places where these creatures originate.

The service you hire has trained exterminators who know what kinds of products to use to kill pests at the source.  The equipment and chemicals they use are potent and specifically designed to last in the outdoor elements even when it is raining or windy.

Recognizing the Symptoms of an Infestation
Before you call the professionals, you may want to learn for sure if you have a pest control problem.  The symptoms of an infestation are easy to recognize and can endure for as long as pests remain uncontrolled on the premises.

Some of the signs of pests include droppings or shed skin or shells.  You also may hear noises like buzzing from outdoors or inside of the walls.  Paper, drywall, and other materials may be chewed on and shred.

You can tell these symptoms to the exterminator who comes to your home to treat both the inside and outside of the property.  This information could help the professional identify the source of the problem.  It can then be treated effectively to keep pests away from the house for good.

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