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Thursday, September 12, 2019

4 Signs You Need To Hire a Child Support Attorney

If you are struggling with obtaining custody of a child, you may think that your strength and determination are enough to win over a judge. However, there are certain scenarios where hiring a child support attorney Orlando FL is a good idea.

Your Ex Has an Attorney

If you know that your ex has hired an attorney, it's a good idea to hire one for yourself. Having a professional to guide you through the process ensures that you are on a level playing field in the courtroom.

Your Circumstances Have Changed Significantly

If your life has taken a drastic turn since you first filed for divorce, it is a good idea to procure representation. Relocating or remarrying (or even moving in with a new significant other) can affect your custody case, and the laws concerning changes such as these during a custody battle vary from state to state.

There Is Bad Blood

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that there is bad blood between exes in custody battles. If you fear that your ex may make a vindictive move or try to blindside you, hiring some legal assistance is a good idea. Having someone who understands the law on your side can help you fight back if your ex suddenly decides he wants full custody or wants to try to paint you in a bad light for personal gain.

You or Your Children Are in Danger

If you believe that you or your children are in danger, it is imperative that you get assistance with your case for safety's sake. An attorney can help with a restraining order, and can also handle all contact with your ex and his representation so you do not have to meet face to face.
Battles over child custody are never easy. However, hiring legal representation can make the process much more painless for you and your family.

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