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Tuesday, November 5, 2019


AIMSMET GLOBAL under the AIMSMET GROUP collaborates with Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), United Kingdom launched the “Earn while you Learn” – Industry Sponsorship Program (ISP) towards Skills Apprenticeship Scheme for a Malaysia Skilled Future. The Program was endorsed by YB Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Bin Ismail, Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP). The Chairman of AIMSMET GROUP, Professor Dato’ Dr Jayles Yeoh, the CEO of Institute Commercial Management, Mr. Adair Ford and the CEO of AIMSMET Lifestyle Service, Ms Alice Hoang paid a courtesy visit to the Minister’s office and the endorsement was sealed by the signing of plaque by the Minister and the CEO of ICM, UK. The ultimate goal isto draw young Malaysians, regardless of their starting points, into jobs and sectors that are growing, and equip them with the right skills and experience under the right ICM program for careers in these areas.

In recent months, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad addressed that the government
will press priority on technical and vocational education and training (TVET) under the Shared
Prosperity Vision in efforts to increase the people’s employment through skilled competency.
Dr Mahathir mentioned that TVET played an important role in improving the skills of workers
and that training must be made a precedency. The Shared Prosperity Vision will encompass
the 12th and 13th Malaysia Plans, spanning 10 years from 2021 to 2031. Thus, the launching
of the ISP for Skills Apprenticeship Scheme with AIMSMET LIFESTYLE SERVICE as the pioneer
is a timely program that is poised to champion the government’s vision in reducing the
unemployment rate in Malaysia and enhancing the skilled competency among the youths for
a digital economy.

The Critical Skills Monitoring Committee (CSC) identified that two of the critical jobs-lacking
in its work force are the service and sales workers. Among the reasons are lack of fluency in
English, communications skill, customer service skill and the ability to multi-task. Hence the
retail sector, mainly the Food & Beverage areas, requires immediate solutions to engage and
train local Malaysian, especially school leavers, to fill these gaps.

Since the initial introduction of the Industry Sponsorship Program in September 2017 and the
recruiting partnership with ACT Hubs Sdn Bhd in 2018, AIMSMET have over 30 industries
ranging from Food & Beverage to Digital Economy to Client Services such as Starbucks Coffee
Company, McDonald’s (Gerbang Alaf Restaurants), Marrybrown, Only World Group (OWG),

Watsons and many more sponsoring more than 80 school leavers and graduates in the ICM
programs. Through this movement, the skills, passion and contributions of every individual
will drive each organization’s next phase of human capital development towards an advanced
mastery of skills and lifelong learning.

During the meeting, YB Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Bin Ismail, Minister of Domestic Trade
and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP), said, “In order for Malaysia to become a developed nation,
the Malaysian human capital needs to be further developed with programs such as AIMSMET’s Industry Sponsorship Program. As the government, we are committed to reduce the disparities of income for those living in the rural areas. We have applied the spirit of shared prosperity in the 2020 Budget and have prioritized sectors such as TVET and skills training. While Malaysia has made great strides in human capital development since independence, we cannot afford to sit on our laurels as we still have much to do before achieving our goal of being a knowledge economy that is competitive on a global scale.”

In conjunction with the endorsement of the “Earn while you Learn” – Industry Sponsorship
Program, a panel discussion was held on the topic, “A Paradigm Shift in Education & Training
– Skilled Apprenticeship Model”. 0ver 200 university students, educationists and industry
players were present to gain knowledge and industry insights. Among the panelists were
Dato’ ’Sri Michael Kang, President of SME Malaysia, Datuk Dr Chef Wan, Celebrity Chef, Datin
Winnie Loo, Founder of ‘A Cut Above’, Dr Janson Ang, Founder of The Giving Bank
Organization and Mr. Adair Ford, CEO of Institute of Commercial Management, UK while Prof.
Dato ’Dr Jayles Yeoh, Chairman of AIMSMET Group was the moderator.
Speech by Prof. Dato ’Dr Jayles Yeoh, Chairman of AIMSMET Group

According to Prof. Dato ’Dr Jayles Yeoh, Chairman of AIMSMET Group, “The aim of this
Industry Sponsorship Program is to bridge the gap and speed up the pace in producing
knowledge workers through the private sector. AIMSMET is ambitiously looking to
revolutionize the academic thinking by introducing real life education to ensure no misfits to
the relevant industries. With continuous support from the government and private sector,
the ambition to make Malaysia as the global leader in providing High Quality Knowledge
Worker for various industries is realized. Ultimately we hope to see positive spin off for the
economy as we are able to provide skilled knowledge workers for Foreign Direct Investments
(FDI) into the country.”

Also present at the event was Miss Tiffany Lim, Founder of ACT Hubs, who works closely with
AIMSMET to connect with Industry Partners and to recruit school leavers for the program.
Both AIMSMET & ACT presented a cheque of RM20,000 to support Yayasan Food Bank
Malaysia at the event. Present to receive the cheque was Mr. Abdul Wahab Long, CEO of Food
Bank Malaysia.

About AIMSMET Lifestyle Service
AIMSMET LIFESTYLE SERVICE is established with the aspiration to be one of the most popular
Skilled Apprenticeship Centers of the ICM, UK - the industry-based British qualification
programsthat AIMSMET Group is providing to Malaysian learnerssince itsinitialstart in 2017.
Starting with the Food & Beverage industry, branded as Vietdekat, AIMSMET LIFESTYLE
SERVICE focuses on providing real hands-on experience to complement the conventional
textbook theories in Business Studies and Hospitality Management. At AIMSMET LIFESTYLE
SERVICE, not only the learners are equipped with F&B skills but also nurtured and encouraged
to explore other potentials the students might have not seen for themselves in other related
industries so that when they complete the one-year of the Industry Sponsorship Program,
they can see a clearer future and pursue it further.

About Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), UK
Established as a charity for global outreach in 1979, the Institute of Commercial Management
(ICM) is the leading professional body for commercial and business development staff. ICM
provides a wide range of professional qualifications in business, management and related
vocational areas. Our programs are designed to address and respond to the training needs as
well as the personal development of learners, whether entering or continuing to work within
the wide and varied commercial sector. ICM exhibits best practice in responding to the
academic and vocational needs of learners by regular liaison and structured feedback
mechanisms, thereby ensuring that we stay in touch with the needs of Centers and learners.
We strive to implement rigor in the award of credit, inclusive in assessment and examination,
accuracy and efficiency in the certification of all our learners undertaking business,
management and related vocational education programs.

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