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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Fly High and Carefree this Holiday Season with Swiss Image

The festive mood chimes in as our quest to clear annual leaves begin, and that can only mean one
thing - the year-end holiday season is finally upon us. The vacation plans you have been planning all
year long are finally coming to fruition, and you can’t wait to pack and make your blissful getaway a
reality. But just like a passport, your beauty regiment is just as essential, and Swiss Image is here to
help keep your skin nourished and well-hydrated throughout your travels.

Hailing from Swiss Image’s Essential Care range, the three key products to have this travel season are
Mattifying Face Wash Gel, Refreshing and Mattifying Toner, and Absolute Hydration Day Cream.
Together, they form the staple trinity of face care routines which are cleansing, toning and
moisturising - steps that are vital in achieving healthy and radiant skin.

Formulated with Swiss innovation and manufactured from one of the world’s purest ecological
environments, the three products contain Alpine Glacier Water, a holy-grail beauty ingredient only
found in the Swiss Alps, which allows users to enjoy its hydration properties, vitamins and minerals
that provide valuable nutrients for skin vitality. Its biologically active properties also allow the easy
absorption of rich essential minerals by all skin types.

Mattifying Face Wash Gel, 200ml – RM38.90

Swiss Image’s best-selling face wash provides a long-lasting mattifying effect without over-drying the skin in just a single step, so you won’t have to miss the next item on your travel itinerary. Specially formulated with the ingredients Hyssop and Alpine Glacier Water, the latter provides hydration and nutrients while facilitating the absorption of natural cleansing properties of the Hyssop that also improves complexion and balances oil levels, hence a recommendation for those with combination to oily skin. For best results, using it twice daily helps to deep cleanse and purify skin to achieve healthy and radiant skin.

Refreshing and Mattifying Toner, 200ml - RM38.90

Before moisturizing your skin, Swiss Image’s anti-shine Refreshing and Mattifying Toner cleanses
excess dirt and prevents the growth of unfamiliar bacteria in a foreign place. Also formulated with
natural extracts of Hyssop and Alpine Glacier Water, it is recommended for those with combination to oily skin types. Applying the toner twice a day using cotton pads onto cleansed face and neck area
while avoiding the eyes will result in your skin feeling fresh all day long. The matted look adds a
velvety finish to your skin for all your photogenic travel photos. Additionally, it tightens pores and
reduces signs of tired-looking skin.

Absolute Hydration Day Cream, 50ml - RM48.90

The final step to a principal day skincare routine, Swiss Image’s Absolute Hydration Day Cream is
enriched with natural botanical extract Edelweiss and Alpine Glacier Water. Staying out all day in a
different country could take a toll on the skin, but this cream provides long-lasting hydration and
nourishment to keep you looking radiant on your adventures. Harsh weather is no longer a problem
with its SPF filter qualities, while also protecting the skin against environmental aggression and
ultimately improving skin complexion.

Malaysian travellers can now experience the benefits of using unique and premium ingredients during
their travels this holiday season with these three key products from the Swiss Image Essential Care range that highlight the fundamental 3-step skincare routine for skin protection, nourishment and an
extra boost of confidence.

All Swiss Image products are free from harmful chemicals such as Paraben, PEG and Phthalates, and HALAL certified.

Swiss Image products are available at selected Watsons stores, Watsons E-commerce & on Shopee

For more information, please visit

About Swiss Image
Swiss Image is a skincare brand from Switzerland with a global market presence, Malaysia being the
21st. Its range of innovative skin care products are formulated with ingredients from one of the
world’s purest ecological environments. Their portfolio includes a perfect mix of high-quality
formulations within their product range such as Essential Care, Whitening Care and Anti-Age Care.
Swiss Image products incorporate premium ingredients found only in Switzerland such as Alpine
Glacier Water known for its vitamins and minerals along with hydration and biologically active
properties, Snow Algae for its anti-ageing properties and Swiss Botanical Extracts consisting of select herbal extracts for specific benefits of the skin. In Malaysia, Swiss Image is the pioneer HALAL certified Swiss skincare brand produced by a leading Swiss manufacturer of cosmetic and
cosmeceutical products with ISO 9001 certification. All Swiss Image products are also free from
harmful chemicals such as Paraben, PEG and Phthalates.

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