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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Travel from LRT Hang Tuah back to LRT Subang Jaya

Its been a while since I last took long hour journey from one place to another. It may not be a long journey for others. My first time taking LRT from Hang Tuah and I asked the counter staff how to get back to Subang Jaya. The staff is helpful telling me to go LRT  Masjid Jamek to change. Indeed I just followed the signed board and I always check if I am going the correct way.

When you are familiar with the public transport it is good for you as you really saving lot for travel. I went to Kohi Yatta for an event and its cafe is just located next to Mazda. Coming back I asked my friend for a ride so that I can go back home by LRT.

Once get in the LRT Hang Tuah, the next stop is Pasar Seni. I checked again for the stops that I am going through as I want to make sure that I am on the right track. I am glad we car pool to the event as there is limited parking spots at the venue. I told my friend that there's a parking at the closed door area. Just nice as to park a car. As most car inside venue had double parking and limited movement, there's another car toward my friend's car which wanting to get out. I asked my friend to park at the closed door area, just nice as parked then the other car can just move its way out to the exit.

I was warned by my friend that beware at LRT Hang Tuah where I be heading as I need to walk up to there. Crimes happening there quite often, I quickly hurry to go LRT station didn't want to walk slowly.  The time was in the afternoon about 4.40pm.I reached home 5.30pm. The LRT trip for me coming back cost only RM3.80, if not mistake.


  1. I love riding train. Used to ride a lot when studied in Nilai. Travelling down to JL over tge weekends.


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