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Friday, July 3, 2020

Back to school 15 July 2020

growing up fast, this photo was taken when he was below 12 years old.
It's month of July 2020, soon my son will be back to school on 15 July 2020. He has tried out the school uniform and he still can fit them. However he has not try out the school shoes, I think he can still fit in them as few months back I have bought a few pair shoes which is one or two size bigger for him. He will be getting ready hand sanitizer, extra face mask to school in case one mask is filled with sweat he got to change it with another. Of course the standard operating procedure of school to follow. I also will be giving him wipes in case he needs to use to wipe something.

Social distancing to practice of course in the school, he shared the video of school for me to see that they are practice one way walking in and out of the school.

I am sure of how is the SOP of his little brother for primary school that's his turn to back to school on 22 July 2020. It's going to be same that we be providing him the hand sanitizer, wipes, and extra face mask to bring to school. He already know of the importance of social distancing. He got a personalized mask, but he will not be using that for schooling.

Besides back to school soon, it's maybe month of August that the boys got to go back to tuition centre as waiting the tuition centre to confirm and let us know about it. As for now they are both online tuition at home, I have problem with Ipad access to Google classroom so I didn't use that anymore. My laptop is 15 years old and has got a few times auto shut down by itself, my son is using it for attending online school class Google Meet. Ipad can us for Zoom meeting, for tuition and other online class school.

The month of July indeed a special month, it's also my hubby birthday. Some of my friends already started their plan on vacation in Malaysia and some of them already started visiting places in Malaysia. As for us, we just keep calm and stay home not planning for any vacation at the moment.

Photo above my son wearing the personalized t-shirt made in 2015, click on the link to read about it.


  1. The tuition already informed on starting on 15 July. Some still prefer online tuition at least till end of the month.

    Are we (parents and children) ready to be bavk to school!?

    1. yeah for now tuition will be online for this month. Already get tuition informed of next month can back centre for tuition.

      At the moment, both of my children look forward going back to school. As parent just be prepared and to fetch, some using other bus or transporter. I will need to go early to find parking spot near school.


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