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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Honey With Sunshine Gift Box boost immunity

 With daily busy lifestyle, we are back on new norm lifestyle that we got to wear mask, bring hand sanitizer, wet wipes, tissue and social distancing. We can never forget to take care of ourselves. Lets reward ourselves with the Honey With Sunshine gift box, it's affordable just RM70.
Click on the link above to purchase. This gift box consists of following:
- 3 x Mini Honey (40g) - IMMUNITY

1. Jungle's Eye (40g) - Best Delicious Honey
Fresh Honey from Longan Flower Nectar
• Benefits: Helps skin complexion, wound healing, anti-bacterial, boost immunity

2. Yellow Love (40g) - Best Seller Honey
Fresh Honey from Linden Tree Nectar
• Benefits: improve eyesight, cooling effect and antioxidant

3. Pink Lady (40g) - New New New
Fresh Honey from Cotton Flower Nectar
• Benefits: Boost stamina, High antioxidant

Yeah lets look closely again in what this gift box has
- 1 x Wooden Stirrer
- 1 x Ultra Hygiene Honey Soap (Pick Royal White or Jungle's Eye) - HYGIENE
- 1 x Mini Beautea - ANTI-OXIDANTS
- 1 x Customize Msg (Just top up RM5 only!)
Christmas just weeks away, if you are thinking to shop for gifts that below RM80, this is just perfect its only RM70 and you get the whole goodness of honey products for yourself or loved ones even for family or friends. 

 Honey with Sunshine is a Limited Edition Gift Box contains 3 different types of honey, a wooden honey stirrer, and an ultra Hygiene Honey Soap. 

All honey-based products are good to boost your immunity system. Yeah stay safe and stay healthy, this is a nice gift to consider.

You can customise the message on the box to someone we love as a gift. Perfect for all occasions.

Increase your immunity system with 1 spoon of honey every day. The package comes with 3 special honey for 3 benefits for the skin, eye and stamina. Get delicious types of honey with high antioxidant. This product is from Jungle House, Jungle House promotes all honey-based products. 

Don't just read here, head on to my e-commerce page to view other products too, click on the link above if you have interest to see it.

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