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Friday, April 16, 2021

Marina Bay Sands Holiday

Marina Bay Sands is the most famous place in Singapore since it was opened in 2010 until today. Its hotel is an absolute icon, holding the infinity pool that you see in photos every time you Google for "Singapore". In short, Marina Bay Sands defines a luxury lifestyle that is totally Singapore. 


If you're planning a 3 day 2 nights stay on this island, you can just stay in and chill in Marina Bay Sands. There's a mall, casino, skating rink, restaurants, museum and nightclubs. Imagine how many activities you can do here alone? Not to mention another famous attraction just next door is the Garden by the Bay. Connected by an overhead bridge from Marina Bay Sands Hotel. 


If you are thinking of a trip, just a little suggestion here.

Depart from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore on Friday morning. It takes about an hour by air and 4 hours by land. You'll reach there in time to check-in at a hotel in Singapore. Which hotel? Why not spend a little extra money on luxury? You Only Live Once, right? Gotta try those ultra-comfy beds and pillows while you live. Anyway, it's so much relaxing when you focus your trip on one area at one time. You can indulge yourself with a great spa treatment at the end of a tiring day of relaxing. And please remind yourself of all the Insta-worthy photos you're going to have by paying a visit to the SkyPark. The Observation Deck is free entry for hotel guests too. You get to see a panoramic view across the bay. You can also use the infinity pool when you're a hotel guest. 


After check-in, continue to do some shopping at The Shoppes. This retail space is massive and holds over 300 stores and food and beverage outlets with big names such as Chanel, Cartier & Gucci. There is a canal running thru the mall, and best of all, you can purchase a ride on a gondola. This is a must-do at The Shoppes so you get to relax after all the tiredness from shopping and dining. These activities should occupy you until night time.

Day 2 of the trip, start early in the morning how about a good swim, and then a good healthy breakfast. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the SkyPark infinity pool. You can go ahead with a visit to the Banyan Tree Spa for some TLC time. After feeling refreshed, around late afternoon, it is a good time to go to Gardens by the Bay. Enjoy the fresh greenery all around you. By the time you're done checking out the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest at least, you will have some time to find a good seat for the light show which starts at 7.45 PM and 8.45 PM.

Before you check out the following day, do pay a visit to the signature restaurants. There is plenty of choices, from Gordon Ramsay to Wolfgang Puck to Justin Quek. You will definitely be satisfied with the delicious food served, and the variety of it! Just make sure you have the energy to travel back to Kuala Lumpur.

And that is the end of your Marina Bay Sands holiday which I am sure will never be forgotten,

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