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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Lunch Box: La Gourmet Sassy PAC2GO

With busy daily lifestyle, is also important to love our planet. Sharing is caring, the  La gourmet® Sassy PAC2GO Lunch Box 100% Hygienic and BPA Free. It's a convenient lunch box to pack food for daily. Can remove the layer of the food container and pour in the hot water to keep the food warm. I had put in porridge, salted egg and celery in the 2 compartments. 

La Gourmet Sakura 0.35L Sports tumbler, it's double walled stainless steel vacum structure the top of tumbler can be open and put in a packet of tea bag or supplement pills. It can last for 6 hours the heat, if put in the hot drink. I made a glass of Matcha and pour into the tumbler. Wide mouth of opening easy to put in ice and also for cleaning.

You can shop this La Gourmet Sassy PAC2GO by click on the link, just sharing where you can purchase it.

For more videos, you can visit my tiktok sherrygo2. 

We need to help the Earth by conserving its resources and reducing waste, think of our generations. 


Thank you 100comments for sending me the products. 


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