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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Defend Tag & Protect Nanosilver Spray Bundle with Free COVID-19 INSURANCE (Axxess)

Good day to my readers and followers of my blog, as you know we are in the middle of pandemic sharing is caring do you know that Defend Tag & Protect Nanosilver Spray Bundle comes with Free COVID-19 INSURANCE (Axxess)? The Defend Tag & Protect Nanosilver Spray Bundle with Free COVID-19 INSURANCE (Axxess), just look out of the of the bundle set it has the attachment purple card of the FREE COVID-19 COVERAGE *with purchase of a+ Defend and Protect promo Pack*. 

Purchase this exclusive bundle set and receive 30 days of FREE Insurance from Axxess. 

The Defend Tag & Protect Nanosilver Spray Bundle Set @ RM89.80.


Defend Tag is a device which releases anti-microbial chlorine dioxide for prevention against air-borne diseases.

Just one sachet it provided 45 days of protection within the space of 1 cubic meter around the bearer. 

Defend Tag is highly recommended for us when one is in a confined space or crowded area. 

Anti-microbial activity compliant with International Safety Standards. 

It's suitable everyone to use. 


How to use?

The package of Defend Tag includes:

Sachet in aluminium foil - Tag - Lanyard & clip

Step 1:

Tear aluminium foil.

Take out the sodium chlorine sachet.

(Do not puncture sachet)

Step 2: 

Insert unopened sachet into bag and write date of commencement

Step 3:

Attach to lanyard or clip.

Note: Wrap and dispose Sodium Chloride sachet immediately if it comes with contact with water or if it is torn open. 

*Disclaimer: Defend Tag is not intended to be used as a substitute for practicing good personal hygiene and social distancing


Protect Nanosilver Spray is a disinfectant that eliminates and prevents microorganisms, which can also be used for wounds.

It is an innovative Nanosilver Spray is safe and suitable for entire family. 

Convenient and safe for traveling. 

Protect spray does not leak on flights.

- Natural and safe nanosilver-based disinfectant that eliminates and prevents microorganisms.

- Contains deionized water infused with active nanosilver <10ppm

- Suitable for all wound types as a cleansing and antiseptic agent

- Effectively disinfects and sanitizes in less than a minute

- Non-irritant

- Alcohol-free


Get FREE COVID-19 Insurance when you purchase the Defend Tag & Protect Nanosilver Spray Bundle Set! 


You can purchase the bundle set at Lazada & Shopee pages for purchase, click on the below links:




Simple and easy registration:

1. To register, scan the QR code or visit

2. Fill in the required information and unique code in the registration form.

3. An acknowledgement email with details on the policy will be sent to your registered email address upon successful registration.

For more information on the Covid Insurance terms and conditions and FAQs, please visit

It's important to follow the SOP of social distancing, put on the mask and often wash hands.



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