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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Green Soft Tissue for household products

This MCO3 just stay home and I have done an online ordered the Green Soft Tissue,there have variety choices of tissues affordable prices and if you like to using soft tissue check out this range of tissue.

I saw the website that the products has certification of following:



ISO 9001 

Sharing is caring, sharing with you that the tissue roll bought at , shopping for various facial tissues for household products.  

Stocking up some tissues at home as I didn't want to go out to buy, products as following: 


Facial tissues 50 sheets / 2Ply

Facial pop up tissues 150 sheets / 2Ply + 20s bonus

Perfumed Handkerchiefs soft tissue 10 sheets / 2Ply

Facial tissues 200 sheets / 2Ply

Tissue Roll -6 rolls

Green Soft Tissues are Made in Indonesia 

I don't like using rough tissue and I am glad that this range of tissue suitable for my family to use. 

Don't just read here, if you have interest to see more of the products you can click on the link above. 


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