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Monday, May 8, 2023

Anytime Fitness Raises the Bar with Launch of Les Mills Classes and New Club in Johor Region

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 MAY 2023 - Anytime Fitness, the world's largest and fastest-growing 24-hour fitness franchise, has announced a game-changing development in the fitness industry in Malaysia with the launch of Les Mills classes and the opening of a new club in the Johor region.

Starting from June onwards, members of Anytime Fitness can experience the latest in fitness innovation with Les Mills classes, which combine high-energy music and choreographed movements to deliver an effective and enjoyable workout for participants of all fitness levels. 

In addition to the Les Mills classes launch, Anytime Fitness has opened a new club in the Johor region. The new club boasts state-of-the-art equipment, spacious workout areas, and expert trainers to help members achieve their fitness goals. This expansion of the brand's footprint further cements its position as the leader in the fitness industry.

"This is a game-changing development in the fitness industry in Malaysia, the launch of Les Mills classes and the opening of our new club in the Johor region will revolutionize the fitness experience for our members and cement our position as the leader in the industry,” said Ryan Cheal, COO of Anytime Fitness Malaysia. 

To celebrate these exciting developments, Anytime Fitness is holding a Mega Sale & Anniversary Sales with attractive membership prices” added Ryan. 

The sales will be held from mid-May across several locations, including R&F Mall, Setia Tropika, Tasek Central, and Sunway Big Box.

From mid-May, interested individuals can sign up for a membership at location below :-

Time : 10am – 10pm
Date : 15 May – 21 May , R&F Mall
          22 May – 28 May, Setia Tropika
          29 May – 4 June, Tasek Central
          5 June – 11 June, Sunway Big Box

To kickstart their fitness journey, Ryan Cheal said new members can join Anytime Fitness' 60-day transformation plan. 

The plan includes a personalized workout plan, nutritional guidance, and support from expert trainers to help members achieve their fitness goals.

For more information about the Les Mills class launch, the new club opening in Johor region, and the Mega Sale, please visit Anytime Fitness website at

Thursday, April 13, 2023

GUARDIAN HOLDS HYGIENE WORKSHOP AND DONATES BATH CARE PRODUCTS TO SCHOOL CHILDREN - Part of Guardian’s ‘Together, Keeping Kids Clean And Healthy’ Community Service Campaign

About 200 Year 2 and Special Needs students of Sek Kebangsaan Shah Alam recently enjoyed an interactive Guardian Hygiene Workshop organised by Guardian Malaysia as part of its nationwide community service programme, “Together, Keeping Kids Clean and Healthy” aimed at helping children from low income families stay clean and, consequently, healthy. 

Soren Lauridsen, Chief Executive Officer, Health and Beauty, South East Asia, Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd said;

“It gives us great joy and pride when we see the happy faces of these children learning about good hygiene practices at our Hygiene Workshop. At Guardian, we believe that everyone deserves to feel clean and healthy. It is a basic human right. It should not be a luxury or privilege, especially for children. Children from low income families are especially vulnerable because these families do not have the resources, especially post Covid-19, to be able to buy hygiene products when their priority is to buy food to feed their children.”

“Which is why Guardian’s ‘Together, Keeping Kids Clean And Healthy’ Campaign has been launched to aim to provide 20 million baths to underprivileged children not only in Malaysia but in other South East Asian countries, namely, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam. This is a Guardian region wide Corporate Social Responsibility campaign.”

Apart from the Hygiene Workshop, the children at the school also received complimentary Guardian bath care products. A total of 820 bottles of bath care and hand wash products were donated to the children of the school.

In addition, Guardian volunteers also painted a colourful mural featuring the Guardiancares Bear at the school depicting the importance of hygiene and bathing.

Headmistress of SK Shah Alam, Pn Hamidah Bt Shamsudin also expressed her gratitude for Guardian’s contribution.

“We are very grateful for this timely donation and Guardian’s campaign to keep our children clean and healthy. We also appreciate their effort to spruce up our school by painting such a colourful mural. The school children really are inspired by it,” Pn Hamidah said.

Also present was Dato’ Lawrence Low, Founding Chairman, MyPerintis & School of Life Malaysia, Guardian’s NGO partner in this programme. 

Soren added;“Additionally, for every one litre of Guardian bath care product sold in Malaysia, 15 sen will be donated to buying bath care products for these underprivileged children. So we hope our customers will support our community service effort by buying Guardian bath care products.”

In addition, the Guardiancares Bear will be on sale at RM30 only, at all Guardian stores throughout Malaysia and through Guardian’s online store and the Guardian mobile app. All proceeds from the sale of Guardiancares Bears will go to the #guardiancares fund to support the bath care needs of underprivileged children in Malaysia.

Friday, March 31, 2023


Two Artists Veteran, Amy Mastura and  Sham Visa, with four finalists of Face of Guardian Health Beauty Guardian 2019.

Guardian Malaysia on 27 March 2023 premiered  ‘Guardian Raya Untuk Semua’, its 2023 Hari Raya Video in conjunction with the unveiling of its  spectacular Hari Raya promotion offers!

From left, Afeefa Ooi, Puteri Shazwani, Sham Visa, Angela Teo, Amy Mastura, Dr Amanda Elli and Yasmin Khalid


Angela Teo, Head of Marketing, Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd said;

“Our Raya Video 2023, called ‘Guardian Raya Untuk Semua’ has been created to reinforce the beauty of strong family values and ties, on important occasions such as Hari Raya.   

“We also used this occasion to showcase the role Guardian plays in the everyday lives of Malaysians by helping them have a healthy and stylish Hari Raya, by providing our customers great health and beauty products at even better value this year!” she added, during the airing of the Raya Video at a berbuka puasa event with the media.

The video, which features a catchy song by Guardian with a Joget vibe, is built around the theme - ‘A family that plays together, stays together.’

Despite their differences, different personalities, and idiosyncrasies, once a family comes together, they will fit together seamlessly, helping one another to be better and happier.

Teo said: “At Guardian, we want to celebrate differences and diversity and that Guardian is for everyone.  No matter who you are, what your needs are, whatever your age and gender, Guardian is a brand that serves all your health and beauty needs and bring families together and we will always be there for you.”  

What makes this video different from previous  ones, is that for this year’s Raya video, Guardian featured four loyal Guardian customers. These four women, were the among the finalists in Guardian’s Face of Healthy Beauty Contest in 2019.

Teo said that these four women, namely; Dr Amanda Elli, Puteri Shazwani Megat Ahmad Shahriman, Yasmin Khalid and Afeefa Ooi, are loyal Guardian customers and are living examples of Healthy Beauty – a life concept that Guardian champions very strongly in everything it does.

“We are so proud of them that we call these four women, our Icons of Healthy Beauty,” Teo said.

To help customers stay healthy and beautiful for Hari Raya, Teo also announced Guardian’s ‘Raya Untuk Semua’ offers that features promotion savings of up to 50%, that will begin in all stores and online from 30 March 2023.  

Some of these special Hari Raya offers include:

  • Exclusive Free Gifts

    • Free Beauty Storage Organizer with purchase of RM160 & above

    • Free 3-Piece Ceramic Baking Plate Gift Set with purchase of RM120 & above

    • Free Meadows Glass Container with Bamboo Lid with purchase of RM120 & above

  • Purchase With Purchase of an Exclusive Mini Air Fryer 1.5L at RM89 and save 50% off (T&C applies)

  • Free RM10 Skin Care Coupon with purchase of RM80 & above

  • Free Skin Care Brand Vouchers worth RM118

  • 70% discount on 2nd item on selected Guardian brand personal care products

In the holy month of Ramadan, where doing good and charitable actions are encouraged, Guardian customers can also help the underprivileged children in Malaysia by buying any Guardian bath care products.  For every one litre bottle sold, Guardian will donate RM0.15sen to a fund to buy bath care products for these children.  

“So don’t miss out on these spectacular offers that we have prepared for you for this Hari Raya.  Make sure you look your glamourous and healthy best when you ‘balik kampung’ to meet all your extended family members,” Teo concluded.

Happy moments meeting with media bloggers friends. It was also nice catching up moments.

Lovely photo session with Amy Mastura
Thank you Guardian for inviting me for the premiere of 'Guardian Raya Untuk Semua' TVC and berbuka puasa in this meaningful Raya. It's a good time too for media bloggers to be closed up with Two Artist Veteran they are Amy Mastura and En. Sham Visa.

‘Guardian’s Raya Untuk Semua’ Hari Raya Video can be seen by accessing this link: and Guardian’s Raya Untuk Semua offers can be found at and at Guardian’s mobile app store.




About Guardian Malaysia 

Guardian Malaysia started as a 200-sqft pharmaceutical retail outlet catering to the expatriate community 55 years ago. Today, it is the leading pharmacy, health, and beauty retail chain in the country, with more than 500 stores nationwide, providing an unrivalled variety of pharmaceutical, health and beauty products. Each year, our stores serve more than 30 million customers across the country.  


Wednesday, March 22, 2023

GKB health supplements helps to improve digestion

Everyone has got their busy lifestyle, it's important to take care of health and wellness.Want to maintain a healthy lifestyle but with modern fast-paced life, highly stressful work, regularly eating out with poor dietary habits. Want to lose weight and enjoy delicacies at the same time. Sharing with you the GKB health supplements products for gut health. The greatest advantage of GKB probiotics is that they are manufactured with antioxidant multilayer encapsulation technology and in granular form. 

GKB (GK BIO International Sdn. Bhd) was established in 2018, a joint venture between All Cosmos Bio-Tech Holding Corporation and Grape King Bio from Taiwan. The objective is to promote the importance of health and wellness by providing quality health products to Malaysians to help regulate their body functions at affordable prices. The company has helped over 1 million Malaysians to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

GKB is the only health supplement company with 4 multilayer coating for its probiotics, to ensure the probiotics enter the intestines and intact at high survival rate. 

All products under GKB are certified HALAL, and the products are 100% natural, residue-free, chemical free and side-effect free, to be nutritional supplement suitable for the whole family. 

The 5 "essential" probiotics for stomach and intestines: 

1. GKB Probio+ helps to assist digestion and reduces constipation and diarrhea. This is suitable for daily consumption and people with mild constipation and mild indigestion.

Each sachet contains 20 billion CFU, suitable for daily consumption for the family's stomach health. 

 Once take a sachet a day after meal, and I am talking it daily as I have mild constipation. After consuming the product it helps me with better digestion.

2. GKB Probizymes is specifically formulated for people with prolonged gastric distension, gastric pain and symptoms of acid reflux.

 My son took this since he got the symptoms of acid reflux, he didn't feel any more heart burn. He says it is easy to consume just take a sachet a day either directly or mixed with water.

3. GKB Lactobacillus Rhamnosus Plus is for skin health. It prevents gastrointestinal diseases such as leaky gut or dysbiosis, reduces skin sensitivity and eczema problems, and promotes healthy skin. Not only that it also helps prevent female9 genital infections, improve immunity and relieve microbial imbalance related disease.

It is also known to reduce skin sensitivity and eczema problems, and promote healthy skin. It also helps prevent female genital infections, improve immunity and relieve microbial imbalance related diseases. This product is wifely welcomed by women.

Being a woman and mom of two boys, this product helps me to reduce skin sensitivity because my skin will have redness sometimes.Now my skin feels better after taking the product.

4. GKB G-Pro Gold is specifically designed for those with irritable bowel syndrome, severe diarrhea or severe constipation. Helps enhance the intestinal barrier function and reduce the occurrence of bowel inflammation.

5. GKB Lactobacillus Plantarum GKM3 suitable for weight management because it helps absorbs fat from body, reduces fat absorption, uric acid and blood lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides), calorie intake, calorie absorption and weight. It also Increases skin moisture and reduces the effects of skin damage caused by UV rays.  

This is suitable for my eldest son as he want to lose weight and enjoy delicacies at the same time. It is also suitable for those maintaining weight, with mild constipation, and dry skin. My son is taking this and it's maintaining his weight.


In addition if you are looking to losing weight and improving gut health. It also significantly reduces wrinkles, improve skin health and elasticity.

 The GKB probiotics helps to reduce the risk of chocking, and the probiotics can be taken directly or mixed with beverages. All products under GKB are certified HALAL, and the products are 100% natural, residue-free, chemical free and side-effect free, to be nutritional supplement suitable for the whole family. 

Now we know where to purchase GKB supplements for gut health, visit the 

 📌GKB Official Selling Platform:

All major pharmacies in Malaysia, including

Central: Alpro Pharmacy, M CARE Pharmacy, Leo Pharmacy         

Melaka: Alpro Pharmacy, Farmasi Big Tree, Farmasi Limbongan, Farmasi Tanjung Minyak        

Penang: Alpro Pharmacy, MEDS & VITS Pharmacy, Pure Pharmacy, NuCare Pharmacy, Bliss Pharmacy, Guan Pharmacy, Island Retail Pharmacy        

Perak: Alpro Pharmacy, HTM Pharmacy        

East Coast: Alpro Pharmacy, Lau & Tan Pharmacy, Farmasi Nazen, Farmasi Ehsan         

Southern: Alpro Pharmacy, The One Pharmacy, You Pharmacy, AcePro Pharmacy        

Sabah: Alpro Pharmacy, LifePlus Pharmacy, Pearl Pharmacy        

Sarawak: Alpro Pharmacy, Trinity Pharmacy, Hometown Pharmacy, Mana Pharmacy

For latest list of pharmacies, please see

Official Website: 

 📌GKB Official Social Media Platform: 

Facebook: GKB International 



RED ID: 1318211221 (GKB 集康宝) 


#gkbinternational #gkbsoftlaunch2023 #gkbprobiotics #gkbspacesuit

Friday, February 24, 2023

Zinus modern comtemporary design sofas

I am looking for suitable modern contemporary design sofas, sharing is caring I have visited the Zinus Malaysia . There are 3 different choices of sofas, all come in 2 or 3 seaters.
- Ricardo Designer (dark grey)
- Josh Contemporary (beige)
- Jackie Modern (soft grey)

Jackie Modern (soft grey)

Ricardo Designer (dark grey)

These sofas are very comfortable. I like the Ricardo Designer the most. How about you,which do you like?
It's not complicated to assemble as we follow the instruction on the paper. Now we have a new comfortable sofa. 


Free Shipping and One year warranty from Zinus Malaysia. Click above for my unboxing video on setting up the 2 seater sofa.
If you are interested to have check them out, have a visit to their showroom Zinus Malaysia
Showroom address:
1-1, Jalan Merbah 1
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47170 Puchong
Tel: 03-80823359

Customer Service Whatsapp: 011-3129 9882
Showroom Hours
Mon-Fri 10am - 8pm
Sat/Sun/PH 12pm - 8pm

Monday, February 6, 2023


Guardian on 2 February 2023 launched its first time ever MIX & Match promotion that offers 60% savings on a 2nd item bought.  


For the first-time-ever, Guardian customers will get to enjoy a 60% discount on their 2nd item and are allowed to Mix & Match their selection from over 2,000 products. which includes all Masks, all Cleansers, all Lip Care, all Hair Colours and all Deodorants.


This promotion will run from 1 February 2023 and will end on 28 February 2023 so there is no better time to shop at Guardian.


Angela Teo, Head of Marketing, Malaysia and Brunei, Guardian South East Asia Health and Beauty said;

“We are constantly looking at ways to give our customers greater value and a greater customer experience so in addition to great savings, we are offering our customers the choice of mixing and matching what they buy which is a first for Guardian.


Coincidentally, in the Year of the Rabbit, Guardian also announced the introduction of  digital characters, the new Guardian Bunny Twins called Pom Pom and Bun Nee.
They will be the first of many Bunnies that will appear from Guardian’s Bunnyville and will both interact online with our customers acting as Guardian brand ambassadors to serve our customers health and beauty needs.   

“Pom Pom, the older bunny is Nurturing, Informative and Caring while Bun Nee, her younger twin is Playful and Savvy.

Guardian Bunnies from Bunnyville, the Guardian CNY sticker pack is ready for download. You can refer to this link.
CNY Dinner Night with Guardian  
Thank you Guardian Malaysia for inviting, to the dinner for Media & Influencers and the night we get to meet with Pom Pom and Ban Nee too. The dinner was held at Dolly Dim Sum at Sunway Pyramid.  
Such a wonderful evening on day 12 of Chinese New Year together with Guardian and fellow media friends and influencers. Received my ANG PAO from Guardian's Bunnyville. The night filled with lots of food in Dolly Dim Restaurant, yummy food and everyone going full with happy full tummy too.

A fun-filled and prosperous CNY celebration get-兔🐰gether ! Huat Ah! Ong Ah ! in the year of 2023!

Once again, thank you Guardian for having me. Hope to see you again on next event.



About Guardian Malaysia 

Guardian Malaysia started as a 200-sqft pharmaceutical retail outlet catering to the expatriate community 55 years ago. Today, it is the leading pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in the country, with more than 500 stores nationwide, providing an unrivalled variety of pharmaceutical, health and beauty products. Each year, our stores serve more than 30 million customers across the country.  


Thursday, December 15, 2022

Syahirah Korean Secrets White Glow Brightening Plus Essence

Self care is important even though we are busy with daily busy schedule, we do not want to neglect our skin too. Sharing with you product that I am using the Syahirah Korean Secrets, White Glow Brightening Plus Essence 30ml. If you are having skin care problem like uneven skin tone, redness and irritation. You might want to try this. 


The product is Formulated with high quality of natural ingredients from Jeju Island in Korea. It contains of Cherry Blossom, Vitamin B3, and Jeju Lotus Flower.

Cherry Blossom & Lotus Flower:
✅Helps to cleanse impurities
✅Known for brightening properties
✅Repair uneven skin tone
✅Helps to reduce skin redness and irritation
Product is Free from Paraben, Alcohol and Mineral oil. 

The texture is non-greasy and soothes the dry skin. 


Use 2 to 3 drops and apply over face and neck after toner. Gently massage and pat for better absorption. Follow with moisturizer for better result.

The product is HALAL, suitable for all type of skin.

The product helps me reduce the skin redness and irritation. You can see the difference on my before and after photo.

Syahirah Korean Secrets White Glow Brightening Plus Essence 30ml is RM29.90. Previously it was RM39.90. Thinking what to present your loved ones or yourself for this coming Christmas? This can be a nice gift too

Full product review video on tiktok

Saturday, November 12, 2022


From now until 28 November 2022, get spectacular offers from hundreds of brands and new arrivals that features the latest health and beauty trends from across the world including Japan, South Korea, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and many more with Guardian’s ‘Beauty Around The World’ (BATW) 2022 extravaganza. 


Enjoy up to 50% off products and many, many other bargains from popular brands from all around the world including exciting contests, free gifts with purchase, free skincare coupons and a free 2023 calendar with coupons worth more than RM140.

Angela Teo, Head of Marketing, Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd said:

“Guardian has earned a reputation for bringing in brands that represent the latest in breakthrough technology and consumer beauty trends for our customers. That reputation is earned through the research and studies that we do to ensure we bring the best global brands and products to them at great value. This is what our customers expect from us and has made Guardian the destination of choice for all their Health and Beauty products. BATW 2022 brings the world’s beauty trends to our customers.”

With a special focus on beauty and skincare, the BATW extravaganza this year has brought in the latest highly water-resistant eyeliners and hair care from Japan, the latest South Korean hair and beauty products, skincare and makeup products from Spain, USA, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

“As a special treat this year, we will hold a Guardian Beauty Around the World Concourse event which will be held from 9 November until 13 November 2022 at the Blue Atrium, LG2, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre in Subang Jaya so that our shoppers can get to see ALL the new brands and products and enjoy loads of exciting fun activities and free giveaways too.

Among the exciting activities scheduled include masterclass talks by experts on interesting topics such as;

· The importance of a good skincare routine by Guardian skincare experts

· Hair health for Hijabis

· Dazzling eyes for a beautiful you

· Finding the best fragrance for you

· The importance of hydration for your skin

· Skincare for Malaysians

· Looking after eczema prone skin

· Japanese makeup versus Korean makeup

· Dealing with Diabetes by Dr Nur Ishani (13 November from 3pm to 3.30pm) 

Sharing is caring, you can also get a FREE face and hair makeover with a purchase of a ticket at RM30 that can be purchased online at Guardian’s E-commerce and App store.

Each ticket will entitle the customer to a free hair and face makeover, a free 360° video and a goody bag worth more than RM80. Book your makeover session online before 10 November 2022. Moreover, we are also offering a 20% discount for every 2 tickets purchased and 30% for every 3 tickets purchased. So, gather your friends for a weekend treat, have fun and look beautiful together. 

 I have my makeover on Saturday morning, it was first having my hair do then to make up session because the makeup was fully occupied so I got to wait. While waiting the staff told me that I can have my hairdo first. :D

By the way, from 11 November until 13 November 2022 from 10am to 8pm. For fans of Francisca Lubong, Miss Malaysia 2020 and Jestinna Kuan, popular Content Creator, catch these ladies live on the 12 November for an exclusive meet and greet.

To add further excitement, an Apple iPhone 14 is up for grabs as the Grand Prize in a Dance Video Challenge Contest with prizes worth RM15,000 to be won. You can take part in this Dance Video Challenge from 4 November until 28 November 2022. All you need to do is to search and select the Green Screen effect on your smartphone, add you favourite country as your background and record your dance, finally post your video on IG Reels or TikTok and tag @guardianmy and hashtag #BeautyAroundTheWorld and #GuardianMY.

“There really is no better time than to buy and stock up on your health and beauty essentials than now at Guardian as we believe we offer the best quality products at the best prices for the best value,” Teo concluded.

For more information on your favourite products at amazing discounts during this Beauty Around The World Sale, please visit,, #guardianMY or visit

Tuesday, October 11, 2022


Guardian Malaysia today introduced a slew of new and exclusive brands in conjunction with its 55th Anniversary in October 2022.
“What started with a modest 200 square feet of trading space inside the Weld Supermarket, has over the last 5 decades become the leading pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in the country, that has been voted the number one Malaysian-grown retailing brand at the recent 2021 Putra Brand Awards. Today, Guardian has more than 520 stores all over the country, and a booming e-store and an app that is accessible 24/7,” said Angela Teo, Head of Marketing, Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd.

“Today, as part of our 55th Anniversary celebrations, we are introducing 24 new arrivals to our stores and to our Guardian Gaya Squad members. These new and exclusive brands cover various product segments which include skincare, make-up, hair care, health and beauty.
“Furthermore, in conjunction with our 55th Anniversary celebration, Guardian will be offering fantastic promotions and offers from now until 30th October 2022. In fact, we have 1,000 products that have a 55% discount on the 2nd item bought and many, many other promotional offers too,” added Teo.
Guardian’s Gaya Squad were given a special preview on the new and exclusive brands on offer today in a special event to mark the 5th Anniversary of its formation.  

The Guardian Gaya Squad movement, an initiative by Guardian Malaysia to build relationship with customers through social media is now a key delivery channel for customers to access ideas and information for smart and healthy living.
“The Guardian Gaya Squad initiative which was launched five years ago is now widely accepted by our customers as a channel for the latest in health and wellness trends and products,” 
“We started the Guardian Gaya Squad as an important channel for the various new international and local brands that we sell instore to educate and raise awareness about their brand to our customers via the social media influencers that we invite to these sessions,” said Teo. 


These Gaya Squad sessions are small and intimate gatherings where the social media influencers invited, have a unique opportunity to touch, feel and try the brand products and more importantly ask all questions that they need to ask to know the brand better. So that in the end, whatever reviews they post on social media for their readers and our customers will be an informed and educated piece of information that is accurate and useful.      
“In this way, our customers learn more about the brands that we stock,” added Teo.

“It is really a win-win initiative for our customers who will get more in-depth info about the latest health and beauty brands in the market and the latest trends while our brand owners get brand exposure to raise the customer awareness,” Teo said.
“As part of our 55th Anniversary celebration we are proud of what we have achieved over the years and will continue to work harder because we are committed to help our customers afford a healthy and beautiful life – everyday,” concluded Teo.
Testing out the electric toothbrush with ASMR sound.
Thank you Guardian for inviting me to the Guardian Gaya Squad, Happy 5th Anniversary to Guardian Gaya Squad. 
Now don't just read here, if you like to know more about the New & Exclusive Brands of 55th Anniversary of Guardian do head to the Guardian outlets.
Lets for the update of Guardian on following social media:
Facebook: @Guardianmy 
Instagram: @Guardianmy 
YouTube: @Guardian MY
Telegram: @GuardianMY

About Guardian Malaysia 
Guardian Malaysia started as a 200-sqft pharmaceutical retail outlet catering to the expatriate community 55 years ago. Today, it is the leading pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in the country, with more than 500 stores nationwide, providing an unrivalled variety of pharmaceutical, health and beauty products. Each year, our stores serve more than 30 million customers across the country.  

Anytime Fitness Raises the Bar with Launch of Les Mills Classes and New Club in Johor Region

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 MAY 2023 - Anytime Fitness, the world's largest and fastest-growing 24-hour fitness franchise, has announced a game-chan...