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Friday, March 13, 2009

Sanyo Japan Vaccum

I am looking for vaccum bags for the Sanyo Japan brand of vaccum. The vaccum I have bought it for many years and still good to use but problem is buying the vaccum bag. I check many stores and places looks like it is not available any more.

Anyone have got such problem like me? What do you about it? Buy a new vaccum?


  1. Hi sherry, thanks.. :-) i know you will win the first price of bik mak blog. Congrats!

  2. @Rosa, I am thinking it might be you that win first place. :)

    We will know on Friday night! :)

  3. Whew! Noo, because i didnt make lots of review, dugg and you did lots. Hehehe!

  4. I saw you also working hard in makoy contest so I thought you gonna win. :)

    did you give makoy links that he asked?

  5. Yes, i already send him an email.. Well, i am trying.. but i don't have much time to do it, hehehe lol how i wish i have lots time doing making review and i can't dugg some post. Your lucky because you did not have a problem dugging

  6. @Rosa, I do have problem in dugg posts too.


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