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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Checking dugg posts

Tell me if you have checked the posts that you dugg? I am checking mine right now and I am not sure I am going to finish doing it. Not taking any rests these for weeks since I was busy participating in Makoy's contest. Yeah I learn a thing or two from him too!

Do you know that Jade's contest going to start on 21 March, 2009? Do you think I will busy in taking part in contest again?

I forgot to tell you that my Pinky Posh still down since mid January 2009.


  1. How many did u dugg? Did you counted?

  2. @Rosa, I did not count how many as I just copy paste the link which dugg.

  3. @Rosa, I thought Makoy just want the url links.

    How about you? You counted yours?

  4. Whew! i didn't. Haha! I thought he needs just profile url?

  5. @Rosa, lucky you.. I thought he wants it.. I sit for like 3 hours to check as my hands were like so slow to press the keyboard.

  6. @Rosa yeah you just need to give profile.

  7. Hi sherry, i am joing a contest. Can i ask ur help? Pls?

  8. @Rosa already spread at holycraysherry and sortofcontest about you need help.

  9. :-) you joing pinayjade contest too. Cool eh, you need to give ur best review! ;-D your good with it, i am not hehe

  10. @Rosa yeah I am taking part, I see you are too :)


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