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Friday, November 6, 2009

Sour note from relative

I read about starscope today which is Scorpio, the day starts well enough but it isn't long before it is clouded by a relative on an in-law determined strike a sour note.

I sure know about this as relative is coming over and they are talking the water filter which I am not interested to buy. They are saying how good it is and can avoid having the kidney stones. Sure I feel tired about hear the stories over and over again. They even ask you whether you are willing to sell your kidney and saying how precious is your kidney.

Keep in mind that it is not cheap at all I mean the water filter, it cost over MYR$3000. To them it might be a small amount and can be paid off using the credit cards. For me it is a huge amount and I have got a water filter $270 and working so well.

Imagine if one family is poor cannot afford the expensive water filter. I will be very happy if they go ask their other relatives and friends to purchase it. Yeah they are using it at their home and even their parents, family members who have family of their own purchase from them too.

Now I am just going to wait and see what they are going to tell me later.

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