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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mood down the hill

I never think that I can be no in mood at all, I have that feeling sometimes ago I mean not long ago. Now this happened to me because someone is asking me to buy the water filter.

Believe me not everyone can afford at RM3,000 over water filter. It is only used in the kitchen even though you can bring it everywhere. I know some people will carry it to overseas because they are worry of the water in other country not suitable for them.

My dad is not using a water filter and he is no interested to put one at his home. We have got pipe filter outside home and we need to change the inside often.

Personally I feel if my friends are concern and so concern of me and my family they should be the one to buy me the filter instead of asking me to buy. Think of it as a gift the most expensive gift for your loved one.

Pushing you to buy

My friend's cousin is pushing me to buy the water filter. I have no interest to buy as it is so expensive. A water filter cost over RM3,000 and I am only using one which is cost RM270. She told me that if I not buy I and family members having chance of kidney stones. Of course she mean to say that it is for the good health of whole family but for now we are just comfortable with the water filter we have got.

I know they are hoping to get the target quote for their sales. It is best not to push one which is not willing to buy it is just going to spoilt the relationship of friendsship.

Just now I was happy as received a frame from a friend. Now my mood is totally down, nobody understand the situation I am in.

Can you say that money is not a sensitive issue?

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