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Monday, November 28, 2011

Dining at Restoran Kar Hiong

I just find out that Restoran Kar Hiong closed on every Monday, I should have check the bill. My dad and sister were here this afternoon, we head to another restaurant at SS14 because this restaurant is closed. The restaurant that we went today the owner never smile at us, we have been to this restaurant several times my dad doesn't like this restaurant very much because the owner never smile to her customer.It is located same roll with 7-Elevan where Pinkrose Beauty located, the restaurant is at the end of the shoplot.

I have dine three times at this restaurant, there is a branch same roll of the shop. The food and price I find it reasonable and delicious meal, yeah they do serve PORK. I used to go Restaurant Fung Lam at SS15 but I find it hard to find parking since First Subang Mall is opened.

There is many delicious meal at Restoran Kar Hiong I not yet try. Have you been to Restoran Kar Hiong what food do you like to eat?


  1. hey sherry. just dropping by to say hi. ill roam around your blog. :) hapi

  2. It is always rude when the owner never smile to their customers :(


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