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Friday, March 30, 2012

Pretty woman

There is many way to make yourself pretty and attractive, everyone has their way namely putting on makeup, clothes and accessories. Do you know any Celebrities that gone for Facelift Surgery in India? Talking of plastic surgery and facelift, I find this website to share with you. You can check out MACS lift India, the website is user friendly and easy to browse. I don't know there is facelift available in India until I visit this website. I have friend that been telling me that she has not enough hair perhaps she wants to visit this website to find the hair transplant.

Do you think being beautiful is important? I know that as long you are happy with yourself what other see in you does not matter. There is nothing more important that loving yourself and be yourself. My sister's friend says that she had gone through plastic surgery to be perfect, she finds that she does not have the beautiful breasts so she gone for plastic surgery. Indeed it helps her and she become very pretty, there is more she even goes for facelift because she has double chin. She is more confident to herself and dare to wear the clothes that she prefers.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New baby sling for sale

You are looking at new baby sling, it is for sale. I have got baby sling so I decided to let this go. It is L size and selling it at RM50 only.

You can see above link to see the sling. :D

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Avon brush set for sale

Just to let you see how big is this makeup brush set of Avon. I have got two sets of it and they are for sale. I seldom use the makeup brush set so I see it will be good if I can sell it off.

If you have interest to purchase this brush set please email me.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Share your style

I am sure most people having a blog today; I find that most of my blogger friends like to share their style on blog. I like to share with you that there is Fashion Social Network that you can share your style with everyone that have same interest. You can share your favourite looks on what clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup you are wearing.

You can sign up for free as member, and then you can find who the Top 10 Editors' Picks This Week is. I have friends that love to share on what they love to wear daily, I am sure they have interest to check out the Fashion Social Network.

You are looking at above picture of me, it is not latest look of me. I just want to share this picture of me with my beautiful long hair. I don't have this length of hair anymore, I have shorter hair now after having my baby boy. I still have this pink flowery top and the sunglasses. I am wearing the purple ribbon necklace.

Do you know anyone that share the same interest in share their favourite look? If yes, let them know of this Fashion Social Network where they can share their looks and make friends there.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Visit my grandma

Yesterday I got a call from my cousin she told me situation of grandma. Grandma is staying at old folk home and she is not doing well. She blinded for many years now she unable to eat. I heart break as I know you need to eat to survive. I send message to my dad and family members to inform situation of grandma. Today I visit grandma with my dad, I ask her if she eat or drink. She says nobody give her drink. The old folk home has over forty old folks and only few staff there.
I saw my aunts there and one of them keep saying look she is so thin and you can see the bones.

I fear losing of loved one, I know sometime we just need to let go. Now if they are still around we need to cherish them and be there for them, dont just talk about it action is louder than voice. I hope my dad will take my mom to see grandma after all she is my mom's mom. My dad told me my mom fainted there and rest for an hour there.

I know we are bush working but you know life can't wait. You don't want to wait until you are forty years old to have baby. It maybe okay for man but not so good for woman.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tanamera Day@Central Market KL

The Tanamera Day is held at Central Market Outdoor stage at KL on 25 March, 2012 Sunday. I won an eco gift and unable to attend still looking if anyone is able to collect for me. For detail of Tanamera Day you can also check out their facebook. There is contest going on find out how to win yourself an eco gift, the gift is suitable for woman.

Monday, March 12, 2012

7D Dried Mangoes my love

I like to eat dried mangoes so far this is the best for me, I like to eat 7D dried mangoes. Yesterday we head to puchong to eat Dim Sum, then we go to IOI Mall. In the afternoon heavy rain luckily the car parked at basement but when we reached the car. There is small flood there we don't if it got serious as we left the place.

My dad told me there is serious flood at basement in USJ, I am not sure where is the place. We seldom buy newspaper to read as now we can read online but I don't see this news.

Friday, March 2, 2012

RM39 for 1kg ice cream cake

Tell me who doesn't like to eat cake, I have been waiting to eat ice cream cake for sometimes. Now there is a good deal not to be miss RM39 for a kilo ice cream cake of your choice flavour in strawberry, vanilla or chocolate.

If you love to shop at King's Confectionery,you don't want to miss out this deal. You can purchase this deal at RM39 with 12 branches of your choice. It is only available in Klang Valley and Seremban. Don't miss out this deal.

I am going to purchase this deal as it last for three months redemption from 19 March to 19 June 2012. My son one yr old Birthday in June. :D

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