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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

LittleMoo cards for me

Thank you Mr.Postman, I am happy to received my business cards. I love them so much, you see I have seven designs for this business cards.        
I100 pcs I love blogging and happy to say that I received the 100 pcs LittleMoo cards. You can find variety of business cards available, you can check out  

By Email/Online Chat:

By Phone (available Mon-Fri excl. public holidays): UK: 0207 392 2780 -
9.30am - 19pm UK time

Monday, July 30, 2012

Loccitane shower oil

Tomorrow is last day of July, I have purchased the magazine and earlier this month I went to Sunway Pyramid to redeem the freebie of Loccitane. I like the shower oil very much, it smell very good and my restroom smell good too. I want to save money to purchase the shower oil.

Did you manage redeem the freebie? I was told that Female Magazine and Nuyou are out of stock for the freebie and the only available is the EH! Magazine. They have limited stock on freebies because they have spread the freebies in the outlets.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Do you check hair care product expiry date?

Let me know if you check out the hair care product of the expiry date, shampoo and conditioner usually have stamped the expiry date at the bottom of the bottle or at the back of the bottle.

My friend told me that whenever she purchased the product, she will check on them. She checks the product expiry no matter the product is on sale or not. I have several hair care product, the expiry date of the product mostly in 2013.

I usually check on the expiry date and used them before it is expired.

Now they are so many brand of hair care product, do you purchase them to try?

Do you use the expiry product or throw them away? What can you do with expiry hair care product?

I know it is good to purchase during sales, I find most item will be near expiry so better check their expiry date before purchase. You don't want to purchase the product that you end up not using it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Guess how much this t-shirt

Hey everyone it is Monday, it is sunny day here. I have a giveaway now which is surprise gift from me. I purchase the above red t-shirt just now and I love it, so now I am asking you how much I pay for this t-shirt. You can guess many times in separate comments; it is open for follower at my blog who has mailing address in Malaysia where I can mail the surprise gift.
There is XXL size for the t-shirt and it is same price. I found there is other colour such as yellow, blue, grey, white, black and green.

Don't worry if you don't see your comment as all comments under moderation. The first person who guess it correct win the surprise gift!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Orange legging giveaway

Just like to let you know My Mom's Best giveaway ending tonight so there is an hour left if you like to take part check out the blog yeah. One of the prize is orange legging, yes it is beautiful legging which you can view at the blog post. I have problem with my notebook so I cannot check on the participants posts at the moment. It's late I need to put my son to sleep, it seems he is turning non stop in bed. Well if you want to know detail of giveaway visit At the moment I am thinking what colour dress suitable for me, black, red or blue colour. What do you think? Happy Friday to everyone, and have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pink Feebie extra entry

I am sure you know of this Pink Freebie giveaway, for extra entry find out here.
For extra entry you can do following, each earn you an entry Follow my blogs at GFC , which mean if you follow all seven blogs below you earn seven entries.

Remember to leave your Follower ID. Let me know if you done extra entry leave a comment :D

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Add above blogs to your blog list to earn extra entry, let me know your blog link.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

PGH Afternoon Tea Party: Part 2

Yeah look at the crowd there is nothing left in the plate, during the second round I saw plenty of food but problem is no more plates.
Remember the paper dancing games? Look at the participants they have manage to step on the paper which folded smaller and smaller. :D
During the Amazing Horse Race, some people have left the party. My hulk wanted to play with balloon he grab so many and put on the sofa.
Here a picture with my hulk.
Hulk loves his balloons.
He play one tme slide down the grass and having hard time to get up.

Funny hulk below. :D
I manage have pictures with some blogger in the party. :D
Above me with Jess, below me with Tammy.
Sanny, with hulk and me.
We didn't win anything from lucky draw.
I made this very cute frame and having it on my wall. :D
Yeah don't waste the paper bag, cut it and made it wall frame with the party picture.

Thank you Palace of Golden Horses for the awesome tea party.

Alright folks hope you like the pictures, now check out the Pink Freebie.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Palace of Golden Horses Afternoon Tea Party: Part 1

We reach early before 2pm and I have registered at the booth, they have two ipads which I need use Facebook account to check in Palace of Golden Horses.
Good afternoon, how is everyone today? Here goes my post on the Palace of Golden Horses afternoon tea party, you can see my little hulk guy. :D He is my partner for the day!

We took taxi to Palace of Golden Horses and he has a short nap, he has lot of fun there playing balloon.

I like the decoration of afternoon tea party so beautiful. Above you can see the programme of the day.
Below yummy food waiting for us before the party start.
There goes my hulk showing how delicious the dessert. :D
He is so hungry, he decided to eat the cupcakes that he saws in the bag, good thinking!
I manage grab some yummy cakes for him during the tea party.
He is enjoying his meal, look below picture all plates are empty!
This is my first time to attend afternoon tea party with my hulk, it is incredible plates are empty!
The games started and my hulk and me took part too but it is difficult as you can see how small the paper we need to fold it each time after the dance we need to stand on it.
There goes two groups left to dance, do you know who are the winners?
Above is the Amazing Horse Race teams getting ready.

 I will post up more pics in next post yeah, for now check out My Pink Freebie. :D

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Taxi to Palace of Golden Horses

Last Saturday my son and I have a fabulous fun at Palace of Golden Horses, we attended the tea party among 100 FB fans of PGH. We took taxi there because I don't know how to go there, believe it or not it is my first time to step foot in Palace of Golden Horses.

The taxi fare from Subang Jaya to Palace of Golden Horses cost RM31, the operator on phone told me that there is extra RM5 charges so total is RM31. I received SMS from them about how far the taxi and the taxi car plate number. :D

This is the taxi fare for going there, coming back my dear came to fetch us. We are happy the trip going there is cozy as the driver did turn on air con, so cool for us and my son take a short nap in taxi.

My son is my partner for this PGH tea party, I choose to wear leopard print dress paired it with legging and boots. :D

I will post up more pictures when I have time, don't forget check out my pink giveaway.

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