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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Brands tumbler for my mom

I have got the tumbler for my mom, she's living in nursing home and does not have own bottle to drink water. I am sure she's thirsty in the night so I gave her this bottle. I also gave her the cup with cover that can keep the coffee warm.

I purchased the Brands from AEON and saw there's free tumbler, well who does not like freebie? My son grab one bottle of it too! Talking of my son I hope he's better today, he's not well he has purging and vomit last night.

Soon I need to fetch him from kindergarten, this Saturday big day for him. Concert day and my parents unable to attend, this time they change the concert in the late evening so my baby and sister-in-law won't go along. She needs to stay home to take care my baby. It would be noisy and loud music so my baby will be not comfortable.

At this moment, baby sleeping in sarong. He drinks lot of milk now so I often check for best price to purchase. Some promoter come to me saying their brand is good for brain development etc, oh yeah.. check on the price.. you know I cannot afford. I am stay at home mom with no income.

About milk powder for adult I bought two packets to keep stock. Why milk powder for baby costs more than milk powder for adult?

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