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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Catch the Bait movie! Next Hotel Transylvania...

Monday is happy day for my son because it is our day to watch movie. He saw the Bait and decided to take a picture with it! Oh well the day we watched the movie The Hotel Transylvania. The movie Hotel Transylvania entertained us but one gal was crying while watching the movie. I think it is the dracula part that scares the little girl. Find out how Mavis zing with a human, Mavis a Dracula's daughter she is 118 years old. I told my friends about this movie, it is suitable for kids. Hotel Translyvania for monsters to stay get away from the people but there's one human in the hotel... dracula has to hide him.. but how? Lets go watch it and find out.

I watched the Bait with my dear, he's above 18 years old to watch with me. Hehe.. yeah this movie not suitable for kids as some part of the movie is not sensor, you get to see the guts and whatever in the human body part! The shark in car park basement, I am sure you like to see how the people in the car park escape! My dear got scare in this movie, the scary part for him would be in the car park basement. They are two Singaporean actors in this movie.  

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  1. I watched already Hotel Transylvania and it is a really nice movie but Bait i not yet watch cause i'm scared of this kind of movies :(


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