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Friday, November 30, 2012

Where is Publika Boulevard?

I like going to shopping mall but I haven't been to all the shopping mall. I don't know where is Publika Boulevard, how about you?

I seldom get out of my city so I don't know many places to go.

By the way, I manage delete some pictures from Picasa Album therefore I am able to upload picture again. :D Yay! But still need time to delete more pictures, I saw some pictures dated year 2008. I didn't count all the pictures I uploaded to all my blogs under this account. Earlier I cannot upload more pictures because I have used up the storage. In order to continue upload pictures for the blog, I will need to pay monthly fee for it. I choose to delete the pictures so I can continue to upload picture for my blog post.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Astro's Fear Factor Malaysia

Tell me what is your most fear? I am sure everyone has got their most fear, some people just don't want to say it because they are afraid? I know my fear, my fear is cockroach. I mean it some cockroaches can fly, no kidding they have wings and they can fly! One time a cockroach fly inside my shirt I feel something was moving inside that that's it a cockroach and I was screaming so badly. While trying to get it out of my shirt my brother was the one standing nearest to me and he cannot stop laughing! Yeah I can still recall his laughter, he laugh even louder when I scream louder the cockroach flies over my head.

Now do you hava anything you fear in your life? Check out Astro's Fear Factor Malaysia.

Above is my favourite artist, she's Elfira Loy, she's young, pretty and energetic!

Fear Factor House - Is your chance to experience Fear Factor Live!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Are you hungry? Let's take a look

This picture taken in August, I found in my folder and decided to share with you.
It is my first time to dine in Taipan USJ restaurant, the Chinese restaurant is at the corner of the shop. It is nearby the police station shop.

I cannot recall the name of this meal, it is combo set as you can see the yam rice with a bowl of soup. It's my sister-in-law that ordered this to eat.

Who doesn't like to dip their food in the chili (cili padi) with soy sauce you see in the picture?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Holiday to you!

Wow looks like it is a long week for this week yeah? Everyone is on vacation or you still need to work? As you know being a mom, there's no break for us. Time flies I cannot believe that my boy going to be seven next year and he will be in primary school. Yeah time to get serious with studies and I hope the teacher is not too hard on him.

On the other hand, my 16 months old baby is super active. He can climb on chair or container even punishment is no good for him. He is not scare and he is bold enough to give you a big smile that he is walking up the stairs by himself. Cheeky boy is never tired but adult will be tired, my dad will surrender if he's like that. Anyway my dad's busy helping to care for my bro's twins.

Now it is quite peaceful as baby is sleeping in the sarong, we had the electric sarong so he sleeps longer. The electric sarong passed down from brother-in-law, his children used it before. I am sure you know that electric sarong cradle is not cheap, it would be at least two hundred and above.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sime Darby Diabetes Walk 2012

 On my birthday morning, it is our walk to Sime Darby Healthcare Diabetes Walk 2012. It is early morning I am first to wake up, well everyone still asleep. I registered my dear and sister-in-law for this walk, the walk is held at Sime Darby Subang Jaya. Look at the goodie bags I have got for us, it consists of some samples as you can see detail in below pictures. I walked alone to the registration counter at out patient center to collect the t-shirts. I have got ourselves XL size and my dear couldn't fit in. You can see I am wearing XL size shirt at below picture. They are some doctors from Sime Darby Healthcare that took part in this walk.

My sister-in-law and I went for the free blood sugar check, no doubt we have some sugar level! Mine is 6.4 and hers 6.8, we need to becareful on what we eat and drink. Exercise is important for us, my mom and grandmother have diabetes too.

After the walk there is lucky draw, well no luck for anyone of us. But we had good fun at the walk even though we didn't walk together. We are apart because we the only one with baby stroller! I don't see other having baby stroller and my dear needs to carry up and down the baby stroller on stairs.
We walked two rounds at the Subang Park, it is early morning and we saw some people fishing. I haven't been to the park for two years.

The goodie bags have got breakfast for us an apple, a bottle water and a packet of fried beehoon! This is our first time to join this healthy walk.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

No FREE large ramen last month

I am sure you remembered the 50 Facebook likes for the free large ramen. I didn't get to use the voucher for the free large ramen, it is not really free after all. If I want to use the voucher I will need to spend RM20 first in a single receipt in order to enjoy the free large ramen. I haven't try any ramen before I am not sure how good it is. Paradigm Mall I have been there twice since the opening, how about you?

We didn't go to Paradigm Mall during the weekends. We head to the Nestle World Walking Day and from there we head to my dad's place. It is great to spend time with family on the day even for short period of time. I get to carry the eldest twins girl, she's cranky because she's teething.

This morning I wake up I sprain my neck, it is painful I have hard time to turn. I need to slowly turn my head. Anyway don't forget my Guess & Win is back ending tonight, you still have time to join!

Parking@Summit USJ

I miss going to The Summit USJ Shopping Mall, I saw the huge Giant in the making just opposite of The Summit USJ Shopping Mall. Sometimes I confused where I parked the car so I need to snap a picture of it!

Sometimes I head to Summit USJ in the weekend for window shopping, it is nice going there because I find the parking rate cheaper than other shopping mall.

If you are heading there don't forget to try the drink at Tea Chansii, I like their drink very much for the first time I purchased the Healthy C Juice drink. I like sour drink so this drink just nice for me but not for my son and dear. Both of them do not like sour drink!

Last month Tea Chansii out in Summit USJ, gave free popcorn with purchase of large drink. I bring along two tupperware to fill the popcorns. I choose the caramel popcorn and seaweed popcorn.

Now don't forget to take part my Guess & Win is back ends tomorrow night! Click on the link for detail.

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