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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Holiday to you!

Wow looks like it is a long week for this week yeah? Everyone is on vacation or you still need to work? As you know being a mom, there's no break for us. Time flies I cannot believe that my boy going to be seven next year and he will be in primary school. Yeah time to get serious with studies and I hope the teacher is not too hard on him.

On the other hand, my 16 months old baby is super active. He can climb on chair or container even punishment is no good for him. He is not scare and he is bold enough to give you a big smile that he is walking up the stairs by himself. Cheeky boy is never tired but adult will be tired, my dad will surrender if he's like that. Anyway my dad's busy helping to care for my bro's twins.

Now it is quite peaceful as baby is sleeping in the sarong, we had the electric sarong so he sleeps longer. The electric sarong passed down from brother-in-law, his children used it before. I am sure you know that electric sarong cradle is not cheap, it would be at least two hundred and above.

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