Monday, January 7, 2013

Guess how much is my haircut?

I had my hair cut last Friday in Midvalley, now here's your chance to win something from me. I haven't think of what gift yet, so you can start guess on how much my hair cut. It is my first time to get hair cut in Midvalley.

I am happy having my shorter hair now because hot weather. I need to pick up my son from school every day, the walk distance to the car is quite far so you know all the sweat and hand carry his school trolley bag.

Mommy is the hero I would say that because I find many moms waiting for their children at the school. I need to reach early to find parking or else I need to find far away and stuck in jam because of double parking at road sides.

Today I feel like sunburn on my right cheek!

You need to comment this way if you like to guess on how much is my haircut.

GFC follower id:

You may guess one time in one comment, new guess in another comment.
Be the first to give me correct guess wins a gift from me!
Open to my blog follwers with address in Malaysia for postage.


u very geng, like tat also can hv contest....

GFC follower id: prince n princess mum
Name: kylie
Guess: RM25


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