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Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Hairstyle for Me

I have a new hairstyle for this New Year, I had my hair cut in Midvalley after the SHILLS new product launched I attend on 4 January 2013. Now I feel my hair less heavy and lesser hair. It will be easier for me to manage my hair now since my son has started his primary school.

My baby going to be 19 months old just falls asleep in the sarong. On the day before I head to the event I took photos of son's homework and ask other moms about it.

What have you done for the first week of New Year?


  1. Nice haircut ! First week was all about starting on a positive note for me. No negative thoughts. Concentrated on happy things and places. Hopefully in doing so, the year will be a wonderful one

    1. Wow you have done that, agree no negative thoughts.

  2. for the first week of new year..i'm having my final exams for second semester..huhu


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