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Sunday, January 20, 2013

My LOVE towards my kids

Being mommy of two boys, they are hands full! I am ectopic mommy, I had my right fallopian tube remove because gynae said it its not remove I might need to have second surgery! It is gift of God, I am having two wonderful boys.

I have learn that I cannot be selfish, it is family first now and I don't spend all on myself anymore. Children needs formula milk powder and diapers. I have not breastfeeding my youngest boy anymore, he's going to be two year old this June. I am lack of breast milk so best for him would be formula milk powder. I never regret breastfeeding my eldest boy for three and half year.

I would be thinking twice or triple before I shop anything, frankly speaking I am shopping for my boys more. I purchased books for him to learn and practice, I will check on the price if there is promotion it would be even better.


  1. My friends kept telling me that when you have a baby, you will never ever have new clothes ever again! haha. i still shop new clothes for myself for but not as frequent as before. Anyway for how long did you breastfeed both son?

  2. @mizzyN, breastfeeding eldest boy for 3 and half years, youngest boy for 19 months. :D

  3. breastfeeding your eldest boy for 3 and half years? wow its quite a long time..mostly i read, mom stop breastfeeding after 2 years only.. :D

  4. Wow Sherry, you breastfeed your eldest son for three and half year?? That is a really long time :O


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