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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Movie review: Spiders 3D

It is quite late as you know, I am just back from movie with my dear at One Utama. The special screening of Spiders 3D it is suitable for 18 years old and above. The reason I say that because they are many guts spilling and blood which not suitable for children to watch.

The city is crawling with giant spiders, it was a Russia satelite that falls apart and drop to the city tunnel. In this movie there is about female eggs and male eggs of spiders. The first victim with female eggs carried the queen spider. A spider which grow six feet in an hour, the size of queen is bigger.

The story line of the actors are quite boring it is like they are new in acting. You may like this movie if you like to know how the giant spies killed in the end. Army's with guns and helicopter and army truck unable to hurt the giant spider at all. The giant spider is the queen of all spider. The ending of this movie is unexpected.


  1. haha i watched this movie cause there is no other interesting movie at that time..

  2. I dare not to watch this movie cause i'm scared of spiders :( I have won tickets for this movie but i gave it to my parents to watch


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