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Monday, April 29, 2013

Cleo Magazine May's 2013 freebie

Do you like freebies? If your answer is yes, do check out the Popular book store. They are having the Cleo Magazine May issue and it comes with a thick box. Yeah good quality box and inside the box comes with the mini Lavin Me fragrance.
How much is the magazine with this box? It is RM7. If you prefer without the box, the magazine will be RM6 but it does not comes with the mini Lavin Me fragrance. :D
 Are you going to grab one box of Cleo Magazine this month?
May issue is out on stands with lots of exciting giveaways exclusively for you. With a FREE Starbucks Via Iced Coffee Card, RM10,000 worth of Lanvin fragrances and many more to be won. This issue also comes in a limited edition Lanvin box. **


  1. Interesting... Gonna try my luck later at the popular bookstore near my house :) thanks for sharing ...

  2. @Angie yes, go the populat book store :D

  3. Wow, this is cool!!! I'll go grab one later on!!! =]

  4. yeah grab it now before they are sold out :D

  5. Awww,i want this but it seems that i never had luck finding this,just like the Harper Bazaar ones :'( Can anyone help to buy it for me and i'll bank in to you :D Thanks :P

  6. hi Nicole, I don't know when I am going there again. You can try go the bookstore this Wed as it's PH. :D

  7. I think it would be expensive for the postage, as its heavy box. :D

  8. one day..i'm gonna try my luck to get those freebies.. :)

  9. I went to a lot of bookstores that day but everywhere sold out already or don't have this special edition one at all :(

  10. And ya postage will be really expensive cause it is super duper heavy :(


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