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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Iron Man 3 worth to watch!

Yesterday my son and I watched the Iron Man 3, it is worth to watch if you like to watch Iron Man. The starting song of the movie is very nice. Iron Man haven't slept for 36 hours in this movie.

Tony Stark made many iron man suits during his free time. No kidding you get to watch his iron man suits in the movie, I thought just few of them but they are many hidden underground. What do you think happen to Tony when he's without his iron man suit.

Who could tell that Pepper is going to be iron woman?!

Aldrich Killian the bad guy in the movie, he's the one created the character of Mandarin *terrorist*. What is so powerful that can prevent Tony to kill the bad guys? They are many explosions in the movie, at first they they thought it was bombing but it's not. It's human heats up and exploders, yeah some experiments has gone wrong or they are not steady.

Anyway it is best for you watch it yourself.


  1. I watched it already, it's definitely worth to watch!!! =]

  2. yeah nice movie, gonna wait it goes * to watch it again :D

  3. haha i watched this movie also.. :D

  4. I watched it already 3 times, nice movie :D


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