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Friday, May 17, 2013

Watched Iron Man 3 for second times

Last night, we head to Midvalley to watch Iron Man 3. My dear not yet watch the movie, with my complimentary passes in hand I use it to bring my dear and son to watch. Yes our second time to watch the movie but first time for my dear.

Amazing the cinema hall 6 for the movie is filled with many people, we are seating at the very front roll. You know how it feels like seating on the second roll? I have seen movie seating on the first roll itself. :D

I was informed by the patron that even the 2D hall for this movie is full. No kidding, you know I never feel bored watching this movie. Oh well, I stick to watch the normal screen instead of 2D because of the timing.

In this movie you can see Tony Stark as Iron Man, he has anxiety when people asked him of the worm hold in New York. How he overcome the anxiety?

I am happy to see that dear enjoy the movie, he says this is the last of Iron Man 3 movie?!


  1. Yup! Is sad that this is the last iron man movie!!! =[

  2. second week after this movie is launched..the cinema's seat still full -.-

  3. I watched Iron Man 3 already too and i love it :D I got free movie tickets for this but i didn't make it in time cause the sponsor of the contest already in the cinemas already :(


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