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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Launched of 'Realms of Raya' at Sunway Pyramid

The Realams of Raya is launch on 23 July is launched by Tuan Hj. Abdullah Bin Marjunid, Timabalan Yang Dipertua for Subang Jaya Munipal Council, featuring a Turkish-inspired dance performance to also welcome Datuk Seri Razman Hashim, Deputy Chairman of Sunway Group, Dato' Ngeow Voon Yean, Managing Director of Sunway Property Investment Division, TV personalities Nazruddin Habibur Rahman and his wife Sheahnee Iman Lee with their lovely daughter, along with invited guests.

It's meaningful Hari Raya in Sunway Pyramid, as the mall embarks on an exotic escapade by highlighting the finest in shopping experience and colourful backgrounds of the Ottoman Empire! The LG1 Main Courcourse is 'transformed' into a Mini Grand Bazaar from 19 July till 18 August. After welcome remarks from Emcee, follow by Doa Selamat by Uztaz Abdul Zaid bin Abdul. There is welcome remarks by Mr HC Chan CEO, Sunway Shopping Mall & Themes Parks.

This Ramadan and Syawal, Sunway Pyramid is embarking on a campaign to reach out to everyone to reflect upon the spirit of the festive season by remembering the true meaning of the singular beautiful act of 'salam' (handshake). Titled "Salam from the Heart", the mall's S.O.S (Some Of uS) campaign is built upon the profound meaning embedded in the deeply symbolic act, that is often taken for granted.

This Ramadan and Syawal, Sunway Pyramid invites shoppers to discover the intricacies of the Turkish art and cultural heritage in the mall. Themed the 'Realms of Raya', Sunway Pyramid will display a unique Turkey-inspired masterpiece at the mall's concourse, accompanied by a mini Grand Bazaar featuring Turkish delicacies and fashionable wear for Raya including designs by prominent designer, Sofia Iman.
'Salam Dari Hati' Takes from the heart with Nazruddin from NTV7 Breakfast Show and Sheahnee Iman Lee, it is about how their love story related to 'Salam'. They have taught their daughter the important of 'Salam'.

Celebrities Nazruddin Habibur Rahman and wife Sheahnee Iman Lee, will engage in a mass act of salam, sending a message of love to all Malaysians at the launch of the mall's Hari Raya celebrations, themed, 'Realms of Raya'.

The guests from Masjid Al-Husna Bandar Sunway and around 30 underprivileged children from the Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih will be adding the merriment to the 'Realms of Raya' Launch.

As part of the campaign, a "Salam from the Heart", video has been conceptualized, written and acted out by the Sunway Pyramid team, in an effort to convey a genuinely personal message to all Malaysians. The video is available on Sunway Pyramid's Facebook and You Tube pages, and serves as a call for all to appreciate the meaning of the act of 'salam'.

You can view the video from this link:

Thank you Sunway Pyramid for the Salam from the Heart invitation.

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