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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mother and Son in baking with Planta@Mydin USJ

It is a fun moment for mother and son, yeah we took part in Mothers Baking for Charity with Planta.

Just take a look at how serious my son is, he helped to decorate the Raya cookies.
If you have interest in baking for charity, it is happening at Mydin USJ. For detail click on the above link to find out.


  1. So fun.. too bad i can't join..

  2. sounds like a very good relationship-bonding event for mother & son :)

  3. @cre8tone, yeah fun for us and nice experience.

  4. @Ken, thanks for coming by. visited your blog.. many yummy Penang food posts. :D

  5. Seems like you and ur son enjoyed it also like what me and my children did. Nice meeting u in person and able to catch-up with u :)....

  6. @5 little angles, good to see you there.
    yeah his hand and my hand on the blender :D

  7. mother and her son enjoy baking :D a happy sweet family..

  8. What a great activity for the both of you :D


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