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Thursday, September 12, 2013


The MBO ALLSTAR card from MBO it is free, however there's no discount using this card at all. You can use the card for collect points then in future use the points to redeem for movie ticket or popcorn or drink or their ALLSTAR combo.

Is this card any good? Well basically it is use for collecting point if you purchase tickets or their food and beverage.

I find it troublesome having an extra card, I seldom go to MBO Cinema. You need to go their website to validate the card. To do that, you will need to access computer to go their website.

I saw a foreigner with her friend, he's complaining about MBO ALLSTAR card. He's doesn't have an email or computer, there's no way he can validate the card. He bought the movie passes but he's not able to get any points with the new card.

Anyway the movie my son and I about to watch didn't get start on time. It supposed be 4.20pm but movie dragged up to 4.30pm. The movie we are watching Grown Up 2. The foreigner and her friend also watching the same movie.


  1. Cannot access on mobile devices to validate the card?? Need computer somemore so troublesome la

  2. the card is good for the customers who love to watch movie in cinema..hehe like me too :)

  3. Definitely for a movie lover like you Sherry hehe :D

  4. Cause you have watched way more movies than i have :P


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