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Friday, September 13, 2013

Movie Review: Grown Up 2

How are you doing? It is Friday, yeah cooling evening here.

Yesterday I bought two tickets so that I can bring my son to watch Grown Up 2. The movie is PG13. It is comedy movie and he had a good laugh from start to the end of movie.

I am glad he enjoy watching this movie. He told me that he got to hold going to restroom because he wants to finish watching the movie.

Adam Sandlers as Lenny Feder, he's father of three children. But he's adding one more to the family, yeah his wife is pregnant. There is a deer in the movie, yeah its urine spray inside Lenny and his son's mouth! Eww..

A family whose always saying WHAT?! Funny costumes you can see for the 80s.

Some parts of the movie has been cut, the part where the boys jump off the cliff naked!

One question from my son, why is the lady in the movie has big boobs? Hmm.. how to answer that?

I gave son a choice of watching Internship or Grown Up 2, he told me Grown Up 2. Both movies are rated PG13.


  1. Sounds like a funny movie, will definitely watch part 1 and 2 soon :)

  2. i already download it and watched for a few times :D

  3. Hi @Amirah, i wanna ask where do you download movies?? I was curious to know cause i want to watch too :D


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