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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Makeover by Kiss Me

Do you recall a post I did on Kiss Me event at Sunway Lagoon?
Above picture of our team, from left Cindy Tan, Jasmine Tan, Jane Chua and me.
We won third prize in Kiss Me challenge!
More picture of Kiss Me, click the link.
I rented a locker there for RM5 in Sunway Lagoon, it's not the biggest locker because they are sold out. The locker has enough space for me to put backpack.

Below picture of me after makeover by Kiss Me after the challenge. How you like my hair down?


  1. That is awesome!!! Congrats Sherry and your team for winning third prize :D

  2. hehe.. the hamper I have is our group hamper, on spot after event, we share it.

  3. So what did you get from the hamper Sherry, mind sharing it with us?? ;)

  4. Kiss Me cosmetics, i heard lots of great reviews for their mascaras, so how's their products Sherry?? :D Is it good??


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