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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Free Mobile Power Bank@Watsons

Okay, what you are looking here is the Mobile Power Bank 2600mAh worth RM49.90. It is limited pieces available from Watsons. I got it free by spending RM150 above in a single receipt, my dear needs some Brands and I check the price at Aeon and Watsons found Watsons selling cheaper.
Don't bother to check out if this is available in Watsons Sunway Pyramid because they have out of stock there. Not all Watsons having this anymore, so better you ask before you shop!
Consider this freebie a wonderful Christmas gift for my dear. :D
I supposed to get a free 2014 Calendar but I didn't as I forgot of it because dear came in the shop to hurry me because son's need a restroom badly. You know when you got to go, you got to go!
Input: DC5V - 1000mA
Output: DC 5.3V- 1000mA (max)
Dimension: 22x24x96mm
  • It is compatible for phone devices only.
  • Red light indicates charging or low battery.
  • Blue light indicates power fully charged.
Watson shall not be held responsible nor liable for the theft, loss or any damage to any other peripheral devices as a result of used of this product.
The device comes with:
2 in 1 smart cable
1 pouch


  1. Hardly spend more than 150 at Watson duh!!! =[

  2. I know that's why I bought two packs of Brands, plus three small items to add up RM151. :D

  3. Is it works?Mine after charge for few hours it is still red light and when try to charge my Iphone, it only charge for few seconds. When the blue light is off, it will stop charging.

  4. @cindy chong, same here after charge few hours still red. It only can use a time charging for my S3. It also depends on luck, sometimes, like you few seconds only. :(

  5. Yeah really have to plan well to shop

  6. I agree that all the time plan first before buying

  7. quite a large number that you spend in watsons.. xD

  8. 1000MAh is too small la i think cause i asked my friend who sells phone and he says 4000MAh is suitable for iPhone 4S use so i'm gonna buy that soon :D


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