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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Watching Bella NTV7

Here I am at this hour, I am watching Bella NTV7. This is related to STOP CYBER BULLYING. Yeah things can be serious, one of the bloggers live on this show. She's Tammy editor of beauty and lifestyle Plus Size Kitten and mamasan of Butterfly Project.

Are you watching this show now?

Frankly speaking, I was a victim in cyber bullying too. It was years ago, things can get very heat up and crazy!


  1. Wow, she's so famous until up on tv show!!! Anyway, who have never been through cyber bully period??? just depend how you look at it or not!!! =]

  2. Yeah also depend how you are going to face it. I don't know you been through cyber bullying too.

  3. Wow Tammy's on TV?? She's so famous i do love reading her blog :D

  4. Yeah, some times got contest in her blog

  5. Yeah her giveaways are awesome too but i never win that kind of giveaway from her before, i got win top comment contest from her too,prize is Bobbi Brown book :D

  6. sometime i watched bell too..when i'm at home with my sis..

  7. Tammy's blog is really fun to read as she is very entertaining with her blog posts, she likes to say something funny in every single posts of hers and her pics are really nicely designed and her facial expressions are super duper funny right?? :P

  8. And she is really nice in person :D I was there when she invited some of her blog followers to watch Les Miserable on her birthday, i also met Kelly Chin from Sunshine Kelly, she is really nice too :D


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