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Monday, November 11, 2013

Movies date with son and nephew

It is double fun for the children, I brought son and nephew for movies. Yeah not just one movie but two movies. First movie is Special ID, I won the two movie passes and used it for redemption and pay extra for extra ticket. Then I bought Thor The Dark World tickets.

Special I.D my nephew likes it, Thor The Dark World son likes it. Well for me, I enjoy watching both movies. We started first movie at 5.30pm then second movie at 7.40pm. We have 20 min break to go dinner Subway. :D

It's my first time to watch two movies in a roll with them. I have experienced watching two horror movies in a row with my dear.

Special I.D about an undercover cop starring Donnie Yen *he's good in fighting*, he wants to be a cop again but he needs to catch the bad guy. It's quite violent and rough fighting in the movie. The undercover cop, he's a gangster with many tattoos.

Thor The Dark World, if you like Avengers and fans for Thor. You know you will never want to miss watching this movie. I am quite surprise for the ending of the movie. I feel like I don't see enough of this movie...


  1. So fun, i love watching movies in the cinema too

  2. Ya it's the best part of it besides eating popcorn ;)

  3. yeah and snacks if don't choose popcorn.

  4. Ya Hot Dogs are great too if i'm craving for something salty and soft

  5. yeah last night my dear had it as he not yet eat dinner.

  6. Hot dogs are one of my favorite food ever haha

  7. so fun too if we can go out with cousins and having a lot of activities together :)


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