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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My childhood scar

Above my childhood scar, the white patch skin you looking at is the scar!

I believe scars, we all have it. But some scars, deeper than others.

Above is my childhood car, my left knee injury during childhood. I can never forget because I fell down several times from the hill while chasing the school bus. Same injury over and over again, I can even remembered the pain and feel the flesh of knee's injury. I can remember washing the wound is painful, the cotton would be sticking on the wound. It took so long for my wound to heal, almost healing then I fell down again.

It is skin deep because I can touch the flesh of my knee, my mom was complaining why I am so clumsy. The school bus came early morning and I was late, I running down the hill slope and fall down badly. I was bleeding while board the school bus.

The injury to my knee happened over and over again for few times. How can forget such incidents?

I have shared also my pregnancy scars.

Do you have scars that you rather forget or still in your memory?


  1. I would choose rather to forget lo!!! =]

  2. I have scars too it happens when i was little i fell on my knees and then it became a scar

  3. yeah, there you see my scar for life on knee.

  4. i have a scar too on my leg... :( it still there till now..huhuu

  5. I even tried few scar removal cream but it didn't work :(

  6. one of my scar on leg heal itself, probably I think my skin colour darker so it's not so obvious now.

  7. today my son fell down and his left knee injury has deeper cuts than right knee.

  8. Yeah i saw the post you posted just now, hope it gets better soon :D


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