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Thursday, November 21, 2013


You can click here for my off shoulder Hawaiian Tropical look. Let me know you prefer the above or the off shoulder. :D
My DIY costumes for Luau Party, yeah I made something different on the day.
I choose to have it one side shoulder off, yeah sexy right?
One thing I didn't expect was wardrobe malfunction on the party night. lol
What happened? The ribbon I used to make for this grass skirt, it got stuck which mean I am unable to adjust it to tie better.
I bought the flower hand bands from Daiso, glow in the dark. RM5 and I bought two for two hands. :D
The top of this Hawaiian Tropical I cut it too much, that's why I need to use ribbon for tide the side.
Alright I am sure you excited to read soon the Butterfly Project with Luau Party. That's where I meet my favourite Kinohmitsu beauty drink and my first time at Vila Manja.
Today I am not feeling well, started coughing badly since last night. My boys are sick too.


  1. Woww, dear you look sexy. kih3... Hey you are invited to check this out TQ

  2. Rest more, hope you get well soon!!! =]

  3. Hi Sherry, nice to meet u :) haha I prefer off shoulder one!

  4. @Atish Hashim, great to know you received the name bracelet. :D

  5. @Sun, thanks I feel better after eat medicine.


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